Bob And Ray November 20 1956

(4 stars; 1 reviews)

Another amazing find from the west coast! This file is the second of a group of digitized shows recently received here at The House of Toast. There is little information about the contents or original broadcast. Please post a comment or send us an email if you have any information about it.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


write if you get work and hang by your thumbs

(4 stars)

This 44 minute clip opens with the Warner Brothers (cartoons) Theme song. The sponsor is The National Druggists Association which is either plugging *your local druggist* or specific over the counter remedies. There is a contest underway for listeners to write Bob & Ray with stories of their druggist, the prize being a Benrus watch. Newsreader Gabrielle Heater appears in some ads. In this funny episode-after the first ad, there is an episode of Meet The People in which a congressman confesses to a variety of incompetences and bad judgments. After another ad for druggists, there is the song New York Is My Home Sweet Home (sammy davis jr?) and then an ad for Sleep-eze with Bob, Ray & Gabrielle Heater. After a short blackout sketch, on the show Speak Your Mind, a superstitious and hallucinating psychiatrist tries to answer questions, a Dr. Rupert Llewelyn Hume. Bob and Ray try the Pepsodent jingle as a calypso number. A female vocalist sings (I Found You) Just In Time, then Bob & Ray pitch the Kesseman reducing plan (tablets). After a survey to ascertain the most unusual item in the pockets of the studio audience, announcer George Putnam is introduced and he does an ad for the antibiotic acne cream Utal-for pimples. After some drumming, Professor Doherty is introduced in Interesting People Interviewed. His theory concerns the geometry of the earth being flat. He is interrupted by a sleep-eze ad with Gabrielle Heater and followed by an ad for Neo-Aquadin an antibiotic throat lozenge for sore throats. After the song You Got Me Singin' The Blues, there is an ad for the National Druggists Assoc followed by a short calypso song. The clip concludes with an episode of The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely: Girl Intern. Bob and Ray do the closing Pepsodent jingle.