Bob And Ray November 21 1956 Turkey Farm

(4 stars; 1 reviews)

Another of the amazing files from the west coast! This file is the third of a group of digitized shows received at The House of Toast. There is little information about the contents or original broadcast. Please post a comment or send us an email if you have any information about it.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



The druggists of your community present...

(4 stars)

This 44 minute episode contains periodic ads for the druggists of your community, sleep eze and pepsodent along with other over the counter remedies. There is periodic mentions of the neighborhood druggist contest in which you send human interest druggist letters to bob and ray (or their sponsor). The only song title that I recognized was Fats Domino doing Blueberry Hill. Wally Ballou visits the White Dove Turkey Farm in East Patterson, New Jersey. Another episode of Matt Knepper, boy spot welder is presented and a funny ad for yodora deodorant. A man from Kentucky named *Hurly Burly* is interviewed and he punches out bob, ray and the other announcers. The show closes with another installment in *The life and loves of Linda Lovely, girl intern.*