Bob And Ray November 29 1956 (abrupt Start, Open Missing)

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Another of the amazing files from the west coast! This file is the fifth of a group of digitized shows received at The House of Toast. There is little information about the contents or original broadcast. Please post a comment or send us an email if you have any information about it.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



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(3 stars)

This 42 minute clip apparently starts a couple minutes into the episode. The duo are discussing their log of ads which morphs into a plug for sponsor neighborhood druggists assoc. and for sleep-eze with Gabrielle Heater. Bob and Ray attempt to call Longview Washington, radio KWLK and after frustrations with the operator, go to a song. After the song and an ad for NeoAquadrin, the antibiotic lozenge for rough raw throats, and the Bob & Ray write-a-letter-about-your-druggist contest, the duo hear from listeners at KWLK. Then they hear from a listener at WOR (Gabrielle Heater) and the duo declare that to be their 1st and last audience poll. Announcer George Putnam does an ad for your local druggist, a female singer and an ad for Yodora, an antibiotic deodorant and under arm shaving cream. Bob and Ray read some legit sounding announcements for the NYC area on their community bulletin board. There is an ad for the Pepsodent Doll, whose teeth change colors from yellow to white. The $5.98 doll comes with toothbrush/paste by guess who. The duo's in studio guest is everybody's grandma Aunt Martha Barnswallow followed by a sleep-eze ad w/ Gabrielle Heater w/ whom the duo banter. Biff Burns sports interview is with Buck McGirn of the Naugatuck Flyers. There is a local druggist x-mas contest ad, a song and an ad for Utal, and a plug for the write a letter to bob and ray about your druggist contest. The show closes with an episode of The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely: Girl Intern and a Pepsodent ad.