Bob and Ray 1960 Bits White Box X3

Bob and Ray Segments from Box X3 White Box tape X3 is an unknown collectors tape reel. There are several shows and bits of Bob and Ray on it. Those shows are from the late 1959 - 1961 CBS NBC period. Based on the hiss and whistles in the raw digitized file this appears to be a third or fourth generation tape. Between the shows on the tape is a group of bits which I present here for those of you desperate enough to enjoy such things. I have included a scan image of the boxes notes for someone to decipher. If you type out what is on the tape and place it in a review or email it to me I will update the description. 0:00 - Bob and Ray do an 'adult modern western', called 'Golden Sunset On Blue Steel'. The plot deals mostly with what highway to take, to rob a moving van full of antiques. 2:35 - On the set of the new motion picture 'All Or Nothing At All', Bob interviews the star, young Lurch MacBain; we then hear them shooting the climactic scene. 4:55 - One Fella's Family', brought to you by Pannucci, the greatest name in fudge. The scintillating plot of this episode, entitled 'Afternoon Event', revolves around a missing red checker and Fanny writing a note to her daughter Claudia. 7:40 - Bob interviews a man dressed as a pirate, who isn't one, but who owns a pirate shop on 5th Avenue in New York. 10:05 - Natalie Attired, rather than doing her usual rendition of a college song, sings a version of 'Tammy', accompanied by 'Eddie' on drums. Natalie and Eddie have a bit of a falling out. Though little-remembered today, the song 'Tammy' from the movie 'Tammy And The Bachelor' was a huge hit for Debbie Reynolds in 1957, spending twenty-three weeks on the Top 40 list. It was the biggest-selling single for a female vocalist that year, and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Song. 12:45 - 'Aunt Penny's True-To-Life Stories', brought to you by Chicken Fat. Aunt Penny feeds Danny raisin cookies while she tells us about today's story, featuring Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Spatt, who look for a place to retire in New Hampshire. For some reason, Eugene repeatedly refers to his wife as 'Miss' Spatt. Aunt Penny is Bob and Ray's version of 'Aunt Jenny's Real-Life Stories', which ran from 1937 to 1956, and was sponsored by Spry Shortening (and yes, the accent in Spry's advertising was on just how darn digestible it is). The opening of her show was a conversation in Jenny's idyllic kitchen with her friend Danny, played by announcer Dan Seymour; this would be segue into a brief soap opera. To listen to an episode of Aunt Jenny from September 21, 1939, visit the OTRR's 'WJSV Complete Day' page and play #16 in the player. Here's the URL: To find out what Aunt Jenny was up to on D-Day, visit the page 'Complete Broadcast Day D-Day (June 6, 1944)', play 'Part 009', and jump to 42 minutes 30 seconds. Here's the URL: The cookbook 'Aunt Jenny's Favorite Recipes' is available here on the archive. Every recipe involves Spry, and right on the front cover we learn that foods made with Spry are "so digestible even a child can eat 'em". Just do a search on the title, or follow the URL below: 16:40 - 'Charles, Your Homely Poet-Philosopher' Yet again, Charles tries and fails to make it through his poem. 18:20 - Bob conducts Man-On-The-Street interviews, but not as Wally Ballou, asking passers-by what their favourite time of day is. 20:35 - 'Eating Time' Arthur Sturdley (though not fully mentioned by name) learns what food is available for his studio audience. Sturdley, Bob and Rays version of radio star Arthur Godfrey, was a semi-regular character on their late-40s radio show from WHDH in Boston. 22:30 - Bob interviews Mr. Prentice L. Wilson of Lansing, Michigan, who is eleven inches tall; they discuss how to make a good Manhattan. As usual, Mr. Wilson takes offense at Bob's amusement at his height. 25:35 - Clarence (Bob) and Fred (Ray) report from the opening of The Gourmet Club, which is filled with celebrities of radio and television. With appropriate pomp, the sandwich of Art Linkletter is presented; it features roast beef and romaine lettuce. 28:45 - Chatting with a tour group visiting the studio, who are made to clean the windows (end of this segment seems to be upcut somewhat). Episode descriptions provided by Harry Wilson;

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