Uncollected Short Stories of L.M. Montgomery

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A compilation of 80 short stories by the author of "Anne of Green Gables" that were not previously published in a book or in one of Project Gutenberg's short stories collections for this author. The subjects range from children's stories, to romance, humor, and ghost stories. These short stories were published in various magazines from the years 1896 to 1924.

Some of these stories were adapted by L.M. Montgomery into chapters of her later novels. The story "Una of the Garden" was transformed into the novel "Kilmeny of the Orchard". (Summary by Maria Therese) (29 hr 3 min)


Our Charivari 16:40 Read by Lola Janie
Our Practical Joke 12:18 Read by Aisha17
A Missing Pony 23:06 Read by drandall
Our Uncle Wheeler 21:53 Read by drandall
A Pastoral Call, And How It Brought Happiness to a Disunited Family 31:12 Read by Larry Wilson
Old Hector's Dog 19:44 Read by April6090
A New-Fashioned Flavoring 27:06 Read by Elisabeth Holland
A Brave Girl 15:35 Read by marcelacollado
Miss Marrietta’s Jersey 24:55 Read by TJ Burns
A Double Joke 23:52 Read by Raymond Cockle
The Knuckling Down of Mrs. Gamble 31:27 Read by Brenda J. Davis
The Children's Garden 7:29 Read by Marcia Eppich-Harris
One Mother's Opinions 7:21 Read by Marcia Eppich-Harris
Bright Sayings 5:46 Read by sparky0506
Margaret’s Books 9:05 Read by Marcia Eppich-Harris
Cyriac’s Pony: A Story of School Days 15:23 Read by Gracicah
What Came of a Dare 14:34 Read by Colleen Arnold
Teddy's Mother 10:06 Read by Bhavya
The Curtain Island Mystery 13:07 Read by Lola Janie
Ted's Double: A Christmas Folly 15:42 Read by KevinS
Brenton Kennedy's Monument 13:46 Read by BarryHaworth
A Patent Medicine Testimonial: The Overreaching of Uncle Abimelech 17:26 Read by Jaimiechurch95
Uncle Dick's Little Girl 13:35 Read by Tom Nunes
A Pioneer Wooing 29:13 Read by Aretha C. Smith
The Minister’s Daughter 23:05 Read by Aretha C. Smith
The Bitterness in the Cup, Part 1 46:48 Read by meowyan
The Bitterness in the Cup, Part 2 39:23 Read by meowyan
The Bitterness in the Cup, Part 3 41:48 Read by meowyan
The Bitterness in the Cup, Part 4 20:38 Read by meowyan
A Platonic Experiment 18:32 Read by Michael MacTaggert
Aunt Rose’s Girl: A Story of Commencement Days 21:14 Read by TJ Burns
Bessie’s Dream 9:53 Read by Zarina Silverman
The Ghost at Brixley’s 10:24 Read by KevinS
Elizabeth’s Thanksgiving Dinner 16:01 Read by realisticspeakers
The Jewel of Consistency 33:33 Read by Jordan P.
By the Grace of Sarah Maud 14:42 Read by Jordan P.
A Butterfly Queen 15:22 Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez
Miss Juliana's Wedding Dress 13:26 Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez
The Story of a Pumpkin Pie 5:19 Read by Laura Oskins
Elvie’s Necklace 9:12 Read by VioletBleu
What Happened at Brixley’s 10:55 Read by SaintAndrewHolyFool
How Shanky Saved the Day: The Story of a Strange Boy and a Ball Game 12:48 Read by April6090
A Christmas of Long Ago 5:59 Read by SierraN
Paul, Shy Man 31:23 Read by realisticspeakers
The Lost Knife 16:31 Read by Raymond Cockle
In the Sweet O’ the Year 26:17 Read by Jaimiechurch95
Janie’s Bouquet 8:34 Read by Lola Janie
Jean’s Birthday Party 6:54 Read by Gwenn Keifer-Reed
The Deferment of Hester 30:58 Read by drandall
Maggie's Kitten 15:06 Read by Julie Burks
The Pineapple Apron 11:28 Read by B L Newman
The Old South Orchard 18:00 Read by Michael Knowles
A Double Surprise 25:10 Read by Marcia Eppich-Harris
The Goose Feud 17:23 Read by Marcia Eppich-Harris
How Bobby Got to the Picnic 11:13 Read by Kristine Wales
Una of the Garden, Part 1 34:49 Read by Malachy Orozco
Una of the Garden, Part 2 27:26 Read by Malachy Orozco
Una of the Garden, Part 3 36:10 Read by Malachy Orozco
Una of the Garden, Part 4 24:11 Read by Malachy Orozco
Una of the Garden, Part 5 28:12 Read by Malachy Orozco
Four-leaved Clover 11:55 Read by Raymond Cockle
How Grandma Ran Away 18:35 Read by Fadi Qutub
The Punishment of the Twins 33:12 Read by Lauren Pedersen
Peter of the Lane 28:29 Read by BarryHaworth
The Life-Book of Uncle Jesse 21:30 Read by SouthpawSkip
Janie’s Visitor 14:21 Read by Lola Janie
In the Home of Her Mother 22:27 Read by BarryHaworth
Florrie’s Sacrifice 10:15 Read by Lola Janie
A Baking of Gingersnaps 18:43 Read by Jaimiechurch95
The Old Cooky Woman 11:52 Read by April6090
A Garden of Old Delights 27:17 Read by Marcia Eppich-Harris
Margaret Ann’s Mother 14:52 Read by Marcia Eppich-Harris
The Letter Patricia Wrote 13:25 Read by B L Newman
For the Good of Anthony 21:15 Read by drandall
The Story of a Love 12:11 Read by Michael MacTaggert
The Love Story of Daphne North 22:37 Read by VioletBleu
Spotty 11:59 Read by Jaimiechurch95
Uncle Chatterton’s Gingerbread 4:45 Read by Michael MacTaggert
Josephine's Husband 14:26 Read by SouthpawSkip
The Five-Thirty Train 10:03 Read by April6090
The Bartletts’ Thanksgiving Day 21:01 Read by Baishali
The Beaton Family Group 16:01 Read by drandall
Our Neighbors at the Tansy Patch 30:08 Read by VioletBleu
The Matchmaker 28:35 Read by Brett Montgomery
The Bloom of May 19:23 Read by Brenda J. Davis
Hill O' the Winds, Part 1 23:12 Read by Jordan P.
Hill O' the Winds, Part 2 32:18 Read by Jordan P.
Hill O' the Winds, Part 3 21:57 Read by Jordan P.
Hill O' the Winds, Part 4 35:02 Read by Jordan P.
The Chiver's Light 11:25 Read by Fractal Pariah