Manners and Rules of Good Society; Or, Solecisms to be Avoided by a Member of t…

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The title of this work sufficiently indicates the nature of its contents. The Usages of Good Society relate not only to good manners and to good breeding, but also to the proper etiquette to be observed on every occasion. (From "Introductory Remarks")

Note: The abbreviation viz. (or viz without a full stop) is short for the Latin videlicet, which itself is a contraction of the Latin phrase videre licet, meaning "it is permitted to see". (Wikipedia) (8 hr 39 min)


Preface and Introductory Remarks 5:46 Read by schrm
The Meaning of Etiquette 11:45 Read by thestorygirl
Introductions 27:36 Read by Dwarika
Leaving Cards 23:08 Read by Colleen McMahon
Paying Calls 21:40 Read by Colleen McMahon
Precedency 21:10 Read by Jane Bennett
The Colloquial Application of Titles 17:35 Read by Jane Bennett
Points of Etiquette as Regards Royal Personages 8:09 Read by thestorygirl
Points of Etiquette when Travelling Abroad, and Presentations at Foreign Courts 4:49 Read by jenno
The Received Mode of Pronouncing Certain Surnames 20:09 Read by thestorygirl
Presentations at Courts and Attending Courts 19:28 Read by schrm
Presentations at Levées and Attending Levées 11:31 Read by jenno
Balls and State Balls 23:26 Read by jenno
Dinner Giving and Dining Out 35:31 Read by jenno
Dinner-Table Etiquette 12:44 Read by thestorygirl
Evening Parties 10:31 Read by Kathleen Moore
Weddings and Wedding Luncheons 24:12 Read by Rachel Marie
Wedding Receptions 3:51 Read by Rachel Marie
Wedding Expenses 9:09 Read by Jane Bennett
Afternoon "at Homes" 16:08 Read by Ruth P.
"At Home" Days 3:53 Read by Dwarika
Colonial Etiquette 6:20 Read by Dwarika
Indian Etiquette 2:23 Read by Rachel Marie
Garden-Parties 9:53 Read by Andy Glover
Town Garden-Parties 6:21 Read by Kathleen Moore
Evening Garden-Parties 4:16 Read by Andy Glover
Luncheons 14:25 Read by thestorygirl
Breakfasts 3:42 Read by Andy Glover
Picnics and Water-Parties 7:43 Read by Ruth P.
Juvenile Parties 10:56 Read by Ruth P.
Written Invitations 10:54 Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez
Refusing Invitations 3:29 Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez
Walking, Driving, and Riding 7:25 Read by Jane Bennett
Bowing 5:50 Read by kimjoys
The Cockade 2:49 Read by Rachel Marie
Country-House Visits 15:21 Read by KevinS
Hunting and Shooting 10:14 Read by KevinS
Shaking Hands 5:57 Read by KevinS
Chaperons and Débutantes 1:57 Read by Rachel Marie
Presentations at the Viceregal Court, Dublin Castle 8:58 Read by KevinS
Hostesses 8:29 Read by Rachel Marie
The Responsibilities of Lady Patronesses of Public Balls 5:04 Read by Rachel Marie
Periods of Mourning 13:03 Read by KevinS
Engaged 4:04 Read by kimjoys
Silver Weddings 4:26 Read by Rachel Marie
Subscription Dances 4:01 Read by Rachel Marie
Giving Presents 4:09 Read by kimjoys
Christening Parties 4:45 Read by Rachel Marie


Very British Empire

(3 stars)

Quite useful if you are planning to be presented at court in 1899. Court dress seemed to be running another hundred years behind, though. Most of the narrators were fine, but a couple had volume problems.