The Curved Blades

Read by Celine Major

(4.4 stars; 65 reviews)

In this suspensful whodunit a mean-spirited and wealthy dowager is found murdered in her boudoir supposedly killed once by poison and also by a blow to the head. Most bizarre is the fact that she is found sitting in front of her mirror lavishly dressed wearing a fortune in pearls and gems. Her niece, her social secretary, her cousin managing her finances, a mysterious count and a maid acting rather suspiciously are the suspects. The police are getting nowhere so famous criminologist Fleming Stone is called in. However is it possible he is so taken with the primary suspect that she could prevent him from solving the mystery??? - Summary by Celine Major (6 hr 34 min)


Chapters 1-2 34:50 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 3-4 30:28 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 5-6 34:06 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 7-8 30:43 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 9-10 32:49 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 11-12 29:06 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 13-14 31:35 Read by Celine Major
Chapters 15-16 33:59 Read by Celine Major
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great storyline

(4 stars)

The story is well written. each character described and defined well. Though the underlying tone of prejudice to women is not suitable in today's times. I personally did not like it at all. Somehow I didn't enjoy the narration so much, every character felt like it's of a very old age. Almost narrated with a trembling voice.

nice little mystery

(3.5 stars)

just fyi kind of a misogynistic overtone (not sure if the author intended it) brief section with what i guess i would call an "orientalist" attitude about egypt and some grade-A pseudoscience about handwriting analysis none of the characters were likeable and it kind of made it better

Fantastic Story

(5 stars)

Mind blowing description of each character. The character development is surreal and very relatable. The plot seems rather bland but full marks for perfect portrayal of male and female nature.

Good story. Good narration.

(5 stars)

A compelling whodunit with a bit of romance, narrated by Celine Major, one of best Librivox readers.

(4 stars)

the ending makes all later books impossible

soppy, sentimental tale

(3 stars)

Reader does a good job reading this mystery, but the story is trite, the characters one-dimensional, the women beautiful, jealous, petty, fainting, lying, scheming weaklings and the men brave, handsome, strong, protective . I spent a lot of time eye-rolling and groaning at the descriptions of the character.