The Book of Irish Poetry, part II

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A collection of Irish poetry, edited and largely translated by Alfred Perceval Graves. This is the second and final part of the book. - Summary by Kikisaulite

Proof-listening by Linette Geisel & Kristine Bekere (5 hr 7 min)


There is a Grey Eye by St. Cohimkille 1:05 Read by ambsweet13
Geoffrey Keating to his Letter by Geoffrey Keating 2:05 Read by LorcanB
Dark Rosaleen by James Clarence Mangan 5:42 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Dirge of Rory O'More by Aubrey De Vere 1:26 Read by LorcanB
After Aughrim by Arthur Gerald Geoghegan 0:53 Read by LorcanB
A Bard's Lament over his Children by Padric Gregory 2:55 Read by LorcanB
The Little Black Rose by Aubrey De Vere 1:16 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Wind that Shakes the Barley by Robert Dwyer Joyce 3:03 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Irishman by James Orr 1:35 Read by ChadH94
A Spinning Song by John Francis O'Donnell 1:41 Read by zanap
The Bells of Shandon by Francis Sylvester Mahony (Fr. Prout) 2:40 Read by Ellies
The Memory of the Dead by John Kells Ingram 2:07 Read by JT
Song for July 12th, 1843 by John de Jean Frazer 2:17 Read by Ellies
Memories by Thomas D'Arcy McGee 1:31 Read by Larry Wilson
To God and Ireland True by Ellen O'Leary 1:27 Read by DanielHCrump
I give my Heart to Thee by Standish O' Grady 2:35 Read by Daniel N. Hixson
Song from the Backwoods by T. D. Sullivan 3:14 Read by Piperen
After Death by Fanny Parnell 1:40 Read by Larry Wilson
An Irish Face by A. E. 2:15 Read by Ellies
The Dark Man by Nora Hopper 1:47 Read by Nemo
Irish Memories by George A. Greene 1:08 Read by Ellies
Celtic Speech by Lionel Johnson 1:42 Read by Ellies
A Song of Freedom by Alice Milligan 1:30 Read by sidaggar
Ireland by Stephen Liicius Gwynn 2:01 Read by Ellies
An Appeal by Emily Lawless 3:18 Read by Ellies
Irish Melodies by John Todhunter 2:21 Read by Ellies
Lament for Thomas Davis by Sir Samuel Ferguson 5:09 Read by Ellies
Blessings by Winifred M . Letts 1:15 Read by Dugwool
The Slaying of Conbeg 1:15 Read by ambsweet13
The Wedding of the Clans by Aubrey DeVere 3:04 Read by Alan Mapstone
Eamonn an Chnuic 1:12 Read by ambsweet13
The Blind Poet by Anthony Raftery 0:58 Read by andreabertelli
My Ulick by Francis Davis 2:00 Read by ambsweet13
Draherin O Machree by Michael Hogan 2:25 Read by Alan Mapstone
Dublin Bay by Lady Dufferin 3:50 Read by Aiken
The Kilruddery Hunt by Thomas Mozeen 3:31 Read by Aiken
A Dream by William Allingham 2:21 Read by Nemo
A Peasant Woman's Song by Dion Bottcicault 1:28 Read by Ellies
Kitty of Coleraine by Anonymous 1:36 Read by Ellies
The Low-backed Car by Samuel Lover 2:41 Read by Nettle
The "Dark Girl" by the "Holy Well" by John Keegan 2:49 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Potato Digger's Song by Thomas Caulfield Irwin 4:18 Read by ambsweet13
A Drunkard's Address to a Bottle of Whiskey by Joseph Sheridan Lefanu 4:22 Read by Alan Mapstone
Soggarth Aroon by John Banim 3:14 Read by Lydia H
Father O'Flynn 2:23 Read by Alan Mapstone
The River by Charlotte Grace O'Brien 2:26 Read by Nemo
Tom Moody by Andrew Cherry 2:13 Read by Alan Mapstone
Herring is King 3:06 Read by Nemo
Irish Widow's Message to her Son in America by Ellen Forrester 3:52 Read by Aiken
Herself and Myself by Patrick J . McCall 1:48 Read by Mickey Lee Rich
Song of an Island Fisherman by Katharine Tynan Hinkson 2:34 Read by Aiken
O Drimin Dhu Deelish 3:32 Read by Aiken
Preparations for Winter by Patrick J. McCall 1:07 Read by Kristine Wales
My Blessing be on Waterford by Winifred M. Letts 1:44 Read by Aiken
If all the young Maidens by Patrick J. McCall 1:56 Read by Nettle
The Six Road Ends by Will Carew 2:10 Read by Adam Bielka
God's Fool by Celia Duffin 1:25 Read by Larry Wilson
Bonnie Twinkling Stamies by James McKowen 1:59 Read by Nettle
They're only Weans by Padric Gregory 1:05 Read by K. H. Atole
The Hill o' Dreams by Helen Lanyon 2:12 Read by Nettle
The Blue, Blue Smoke 3:17 Read by Adam Bielka
Out of Hearing by Jane Barlow 1:34 Read by larryhayes7
Like one I know by Nancy Campbell 1:03 Read by Beth Blakely
Irish Lullaby 1:48 Read by Ellies
Dreams by Winifred M. Leits 1:12 Read by Beth Blakely
In Ballyshannon by Robert J. Kerr 3:32 Read by Alan Mapstone
Padric the Fidiler by Padric Gregory 1:05 Read by Adam Bielka
The Starling Lake by Seumas O' Sullivan 1:28 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Grand Match by Moira O'Neill 1:18 Read by Beth Blakely
Corrymela by Moira O'Neill 2:16 Read by Alan Mapstone
An Old Woman of the Roads by Padraic Colum 1:41 Read by Nemo
Strings in the Earth and Air by James Joyce 0:52 Read by Sarah Brown
The Tryst after Death 7:49 Read by Larry Wilson
Alexander the Great 1:29 Read by Mariel F.
Early Irish Triads 4:04 Read by Adam Bielka
Thro' Grief and thro' Danger by Thomas Moore 1:40 Read by Beth Blakely
To Time by The Hon.Mrs.Tighe 1:29 Read by Nettle
Last Lines by Emily Bronte 1:55 Read by Nemo
Moonlight by J.J.Callanan 1:41 Read by Nemo
Lines on the Death of Sheridan by Thomas Moore 4:09 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Sun God by Aubrey De Vere 1:26 Read by Nemo
Sorrow by Aubrey De Vere 1:28 Read by Nemo
The Fallen Star by George Darley 1:56 Read by Nemo
The Sea Ritual by George Darley 1:32 Read by Nemo
A Waking Dream by John Francis Waller 1:48 Read by Nemo
A Lament by Denis Florence McCarthy 1:57 Read by Larry Wilson
Aeolian Harp by William Allingham 1:32 Read by Alan Mapstone
O! Wondrous Death by Archbishop Trench 1:58 Read by Adam Bielka
Lady Margaret's Song by Edward Dowden 1:11 Read by Rachel Marie
Epitaph by Aubrey DeVere 1:05 Read by Stefan Von Blon
An Errand by Jane Barlow 1:46 Read by Beth Blakely
The Earth and Man by Stopford A. Brooke 1:04 Read by Larry Wilson
Song by John Todhunter 0:44 Read by Vivian F.
The Ballad of Father Gilligan by William Butler Yeats 2:34 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Irish Mother's Lament by Cecil Frances Alexander 4:58 Read by Aiken
Sacrifice by A.E. 1:02 Read by sidaggar
St. Michan's Churchyard by Rose Kavanagh 1:40 Read by EmLambrehct
Life by Elizabeth Mary Little 1:20 Read by ChadH94
A Benediction by Alice Milligan 2:04 Read by Beth Blakely
Too Deep for Tears by Edmund G. A. Holmes 2:10 Read by Larry Wilson
Carrick by Susan Mitchell 1:55 Read by Alan Mapstone
A Retort by Emily Lawless 2:49 Read by Nemo
Connla's Well by A.E 2:17 Read by Ellies
Dreams by Cecil Frances Alexander 1:08 Read by Adam Bielka
The Soul-Bell by Patrick A. Sheehan 2:36 Read by Ellies
Titan by Charles Weekes 1:25 Read by Ellies
A Moment's Insight by Eva Gore-Booth 0:55 Read by Sarah Brown
There shall be no more Sea by Mrs. Edward Dowden 2:07 Read by Larry Wilson
Adrift by Mrs. Edward Dowden 0:56 Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt
A Song of Sun Setting by Jane Barlow 2:13 Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt
To a Nightingale by Elinor Swedman 1:16 Read by Joanna Michal Hoyt
The Shell by James Stephens 1:28 Read by Adam Bielka
The Rose of Silence by Ella Young 0:49 Read by Gabrielle McKinley
The Bough of Time by Ella Young 1:26 Read by Stefan Von Blon
A Dream Garden by Ella Young 0:58 Read by ALambrehct
The Unexplored by Sidney Royse Lysaght 2:52 Read by Alan Mapstone
Youth and Age by Eleanor Hull 0:58 Read by Vivian F.
Growing Old by Francis E. Ledwidge 1:19 Read by Larry Wilson
I will Forget by Alice Furlong 1:12 Read by Erin Grassie
From the Burren by Emily Lawless 3:22 Read by Adam Bielka
The Weaver by Eva Gore-Booth 2:06 Read by Larry Wilson
Coire Dubh Linn by Darrell Figgis 2:02 Read by Aiken
Ghosts by Joseph Campbell 2:03 Read by Nemo
The Omen by "John Eglinton" 1:23 Read by Slyma12
Diminutivus Ululans by Francis Macnamara 1:12 Read by Slyma12
The Marseillaise by John Todhunter 1:13 Read by Slyma12
The Stars Sang in God's Garden, I. & II by Joseph Plunkett 1:41 Read by Slyma12
What is White ? by Thomas MacDonagh 0:40 Read by Slyma12
Alas that Spring should vanish with the Rose by Edward Fitzgerald 2:24 Read by Slyma12
The End of Ail by Edward Fitzgerald 2:23 Read by Slyma12
The Touchstone by William Allingham 1:41 Read by Slyma12
Man Octipartite by Whitley Stokes 3:50 Read by Slyma12
Patrick's Blessing on Munster 1:16 Read by Slyma12
The Breastplate of St. Patrick 4:17 Read by Slyma12
A Prayer to the Virgin 2:56 Read by Slyma12
Columbkille's Farewell by Douglas Hyde 1:24 Read by Slyma12
On the Flightiness of Thought 2:16 Read by Slyma12
The Monk and his White Cat 1:37 Read by Slyma12
The Scribe 0:58 Read by Slyma12
Quatrains from the Early Irish 0:56 Read by Ellies
The Sea-going Bark 0:58 Read by Ellies
The Shaving of Murdoch 2:16 Read by Ellies
Consecration by Eleanor Hull 1:20 Read by Ellies
Hymn to the Holy Spirit 1:11 Read by Ellies
Maelisu's Hymn to the Archangel Michael 2:05 Read by Ellies
The Soul's Desire by Eleanor Hull 1:40 Read by Ellies
The Feilire of Adamnan by Patrick J. McCall 2:15 Read by Ellies
Christmas Hymn by Douglas Hyde 1:11 Read by Ellies
A Confession for Forgiveness 1:15 Read by Ellies
The Convent Bell by George Roberts 1:48 Read by Ellies


Rose of Silence

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