Bob and Ray WOR 037 May 02 , 1973

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Several bits of tape went into recreating this episode. If not for B2's careful cataloging it would have been impossible to place the Backstayges correctly. 0:00  Kent Lyle Birdley (Bob) introduces Bob and Ray. 1:15  Bob interviews Dr. Elmer Stapley, The Word Wizard (Ray), who educates the listeners on English usage and etymology, despite his complete lack of knowledge or insight on the subject. 5:15  Wally Ballou (Bob), running for mayor of New York City, talks about campaigning earlier in the day in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Ray reminds him that residents of central New Jersey cannot vote for New York's mayor; Wally starts to question the wisdom of following Carmine's political advice. A possible blooper in this skit, in that Ray seems to forget that he's not playing a character, and at 6:25 he refers to "Ray" in the third person, even though Wally Ballou called him Ray just moments earlier. 7:50  Kent Lyle Birdley returns, talks with Ray about Wally Ballou's mayoral campaign, and tells jokes; Kent seems to have just returned from a liquid lunch. 9:50  Webley L. Webster (Ray) drops by and talks about his mother's new kitchen table.  At 10:50, Bob, Kent Lyle, and Ray discuss kitchen tables and their role in our lives; the conversation then turns to pies and collar stays. 12:45  Bob has an audience member (Ray) play One Minute Please, wherein the contestant has to speak for one minute on a random topic.  The game seems to be a derivative of the 1951-1957 BBC show 'One Minute Please', or the newer show 'Just A Minute', which has aired on the BBC from 1967 to the present.  A televised version of One Minute Please was broadcast in the U.S. on DuMont, the 1946-1956 TV network. 15:35  A brief discussion of the wood ibis, then a plug for The Giant Bob & Ray Overstocked Warehouse, and their current sale on man-eating lions.  Seasoned salesmen, Bob and Ray stress the advantages while downplaying the drawbacks of having a wild jungle beast in the home. 19:40  Carmine introduces Bob and Ray, to rousing applause; Ray tells what's coming up in the second hour of the show. 20:45  An episode of Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife.  Pop is cured, and the gang leaves the hospital very satisfied with the service received. Annotated by Harry Wilson

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Its a bit mad and funny;)