Bob and Ray WOR 129 September 06, 1973

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The second file here is a more complete version of this show with partial chatter between Bob & Ray and News man Rodger Skibenes. They also interact with the traffic man, George Meade and Henry Gladstone. Several tapes went into this episode. It is almost too good for the Truly Desperate. 0:00 - The Gathering Dust (missing opening) - A visit to Miss Bessinger (Ray) from Red Boiling Springs Secret Service agent Ogen Schmidt (Bob). Is Red Boiling Springs under attack? Closes with Bob doing a commercial for non-deadly 'Grime' shortening. 2:45 - Bob and Ray discuss the current heat wave, then introduce Webley L. Webster playing 'Boogie' on the mighty WOR studio organ. Can he finish the song without interruption? Listen and see! 6:40 - The Glenn Miller Orchestra plays Pennsylvania 6-5000, followed by a discussion of the origin of the song's name with an old-timer in the audience (Ray), then general nostalgia about old New York. 11:50 - Bob hosts an audience participation game, 'See Who Has What', inspired by the 'Let's Make A Deal' game show. When that show ran a bit short, host Monty Hall would ask questions of the audience such as "Does anyone have a red pencil in their purse?"; anyone who did would win a prize. 13:45 - A bit of weather reporting, in which Ray teases Bob about his age; Bob responds by calling Ray "Elwood Glover". Elwood Glover was a long-time interviewer on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), who was affectionately known as 'Mr. Bland'. 14:10 - Bob talks to Chester Hasbrook Frisby about the writing process, then introduces 'Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife'. As Pat Buttram (bucolic comic who played Mr. Haney on 'Green Acres') does his act, the crew deals with a camera fire. Pandemonium ensues. (This segment is also featured in the smaller file on this page.) 17:25 - Bob and Ray chat with newsman Roger Skibenes about the studio buffet. 18:45 - Ray reads a Macy's commercial for oriental rugs; Bob and Ray discuss Ray's performance. 20:05 - What sounds like a helicopter traffic report from George Meade, but with no mention of traffic, followed by discussion of the Headline Of The Hour, re the TV blackout of football games. 21:05 - A chat with Kent Lyle Birdley, who seems to be stifling hiccups, about his career, his new agent, and household hints. 23:10 - Various short edits of a commercial for Jungle Habitat (West Milford, New Jersey theme park), a traffic report, news reports, and chatting about Robert Frost. 24:10 - Bob and Ray discuss Ray's ability to play the harp, and harp playing in general. An audience member (Bob) joins the discussion. 26:15 - The temperature is 81 degrees; discussion of the etymology of the word 'harp'. 27:25 - A talk with Chester Hasbrook Frisby about the earlier 'Mary Backstayge' episode, mental blocks, and the creative process. In the next day's Bob and Ray show, on September 7, 1973 (also available in the Bob and Ray For the Truly Desperate collection), Frisby still hadn't completed the script, and had to write it as the Mary Backstayge show was being performed. 30:50 - A traffic report from George Meade, then a weather report, followed by Bob and Ray disrupting Henry Gladstone and the WOR news crew. Gladstone catches them not paying attention to the stock market report. Episode annotation by Harry Wilson Next Episode:

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Whoever salvaged these shows is my hero. Thank you for preserving them. Laughter is the best medicine.