Bob and Ray WOR 130 September 07, 1973

These files are hosted at the Internet Archive - Please go to that site. Folks should be cautious of sites that play files but do not actually host the files. Consider why a free site wants your unattended browser session to stay open for extended lengths of time. While cataloging the tapes in our collection it was discovered that several tapes were made of the September 1973 shows. The recordings were carefully edited together and the results are fairly good. Fans of this period will find the easy patter between Bob and Ray to be especial pleasant. Bob had just become a Grandfather and there is a lot of good feelings between the boys. They crack each other up and joke with the crew. And this episode starts the week where the characters discuss the Mary Backstayge shows production and Chester Hasbrook Frisbee prepares the script during the shows episode. R4 suggests the word meta-episode as there are three layers of 'reality' here. Friday September 7th 1973 The episode where Chester Hasbrook Frisbee types the episode on-air throughout the day. Lots of Bob and Ray chatter Introducing a new segment "Elmer W Lipsinger - SPY" Fern Ock Veek A Reading group tries out the French Revolution. Mary Backstayge The group is looking forward to vacation as CHB types the episodes lines. Tommy Dorsey Opus #1 Wally Baloo on Broadway talking to real Bleeping New Yorkers Discussions about music with WOR staff member Rodger Skibinous and Henry Gladstone The full Friday sign off and staff listing Director Bob Tyley Engineers Barny Deck, Hercules and Ed Beady Traffic reports by Allan Leavy Next week the cast arrives in England. Incomplete script, cast reads as Chester Hasbrook Frisby types the story.   Friday,     09/07/1973 Next week the cast arrives in England. Next Episode:

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



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