Bob and Ray WOR 160 October 19, 1973

(5 stars; 1 reviews)

In bed, Pops and Calvin watching TV

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BnR16010191973 27:19



(5 stars)

A mostly-complete 30-min. show featuring - * Bob & caller discuss movie ratings * money-saving tips * Wally Ballou interviews coast-to-coast nose peanut- pusher * WB (play-by-play) & Artie Schermerhorn (color) football game coverage * The Gathering Dusk - Civil Aeronautics Administration agent Prang / plane circling town * Mr. Science - Wood floats!! Jimmy doesn't. * Dr. Smedley Bodkin's new old sayings * MBNW - Backstayges watch Sea Otter Show, hear ritual noises, watch sunrise * newsmaker follow-ups - Gerard Updike's maple tree, Ruth Wapley's cat befriends bird Several bumpy edits, incl. abrupt ending. But always worth 5 stars.