Bob and Ray WOR 201 Monday December 17, 1973

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From a tape found behind the furnace while looking for ornaments and donated by B2, this is Monday, December 17, 1973. The Station I.D.'s, commercials and background Christmas weather chatter make this a pleasant episode.  There are a few wolf-hound howls during "The Gathering Dust" that may be from a station promotion. If you know otherwise, please correct the record.  The Mary Backstayge feature has the family discussing their Christmas of the past.  If you have a chance, please leave a review comment of how the heck you discovered "Bob and Ray for the Truly Desperate". 0:00 - Henry Gladstone introduces Bob and Ray, who run down the plans for today's episode. They then continue their search for people with unusual occupations, and introduce Sanford Worth Sr., an art dealer specializing in doodles. 4:05 - The Gathering Dust: Chief Fundy (Bob) of the Red Boiling Springs Alcohol Tax Investigation Unit pays a visit to Edna Bessinger (Ray), who suspects her tenant of being a bootlegger. She is relieved to learn that the bottle in his room contains only after-shave and is, in fact, safe and legal to drink. The episode is inexplicably interrupted by four separate wolf howls. 7:20 - Bob does a (real) promo for 'Yust Go Nuts At Christmas', an album of pseudo-Swedish Christmas songs by Stan Boreson, featuring his song 'Christmas Goose' based on Anne Murray's 'Snowbird'. In the realm of Swedish humour, Boreson falls somewhere between Bergman movies and Ikea instructions. 8:10 - Bob interviews a young, illiterate inventor (Ray), who has devised special glasses to allow people to see colours on their black and white television. While demonstrating, he does indeed end up seeing colours. 10:55 - On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the gang discusses modern Christmases, vacation plans, the acting profession, and winter sports, simultaneously. 13:50 - Widen Your Horizons introduces twelve-year-old Billy Gottlieb (Ray) of The Blue Cyclone Bicycle Company, who teaches how to ride a bicycle. Did you know that 73% of the bicycles in the country are gathering dust, because people don't know how to ride them? Judging from his demonstration, Billy falls into that category himself. 16:35 - Following a ten-second blurb for the musical 'A Little Night Music', an episode of the Dragnet-like 'Squad Car 119', brought to you by Gurstmeyer's Puppy Kibble. Officers Sam Fitch (Bob) and Ralph R. Kruger Jr. (Ray) respond to a report of a pickpocket operating in a department store full of Christmas shoppers. While the officers of Squad Car 119 search for the perfect parking spot, the criminal is arrested, booked, and tried. In one minute, the results of that trial, followed by the Dragnet theme. 19:45 - Mrs. Durward Phipps-Burnstore (Ray), the Bob and Ray Christmas Gift Counsellor, discusses the pros and cons of living indoors, and tries to find pleasing and affordable presents for cost-conscious consumers. Episode annotation by Harry Wilson

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Bob & Ray in Boston

(5 stars)

Bob & Ray broadcast over WHDH Boston around noon, weekdays. In those days we kids went home from school for lunch. I would listen to them and many of my classmates did too. I also recall hearing them on Armed Forces Radio while stationed in Germany. I marveled at their wit and what seemed like adlibbing to me. Very clever. I also saw them in person once in Boston when they hosted a sports show, it was packed with kids and we loved them. John McWilliams

Thank you for these Bob & Ray gems!

(5 stars)

I have all of the RadioArt Bob & Ray CDs, listened to them many times... It's very exciting to come here and find a whole new batch of shows I've never heard before! I found them by idly Googling for "bob and ray mp3". Thank you very much for posting these. I hope you can find more!

Bob & Ray & nothing else

(5 stars)

Am rebuilding a hard drive where I had this stuff before; a great little snippet from the vault or behind the furnace, Bob & Ray are the best! thanks for making it available!