Bob and Ray WOR 202 December 18 1973

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In this episode Henry Glandstone stands in for Lyle Van due to the big snow storm. The WOR Christmas tree is delivered. On the Mary Backstayge feature, Gregg brings John Simon (TWMITW) over to play his song “Gold” . You know the words so don't be afraid to sing along.  If you have a chance, please leave a review comment of how the heck you discovered "Bob and Ray for the Truly Desperate". Episode descriptions provided by Harry Wilson; 0:00 - Intro with 'studio applause', then Bob and Ray discuss the Christmas tree being delivered today, and the cool weather. 1:00 - 'The Big Scoop', "the documentary program that pays tribute to the nation's working newspapermen". This episode discusses the kidnapping of the Fettison girl twenty years earlier, as covered by newsman Vassily Hummett (Bob). 'The Big Scoop' was inspired by 'The Big Story', which ran on NBC radio from 1947 until 1955, and on NBC television from 1949 to 1957, then in TV syndication until 1958. 4:45 - Webley Webster (Ray) discusses the Christmas tree and the weather with Bob. 6:30 - 'The Gathering Dust', brought to you by Grime, "the magic shortening that spreads like lard". Edna (Ray), still bedridden, receives a visit from Fire Chief Gurmit (Bob). Could the house be on fire? At 9:05, a Grime commercial and a teaser for the next episode. 9:30 - The tree arrives, the gang discusses decorating it. 13:30 - 'Widen Your Horizons', brought to you by Tinkerbell Earth-Moving Equipment. Today's episode is on how to use a phone, as an astonishing number of Americans don't know how to place or receive a call. 17:30 - 'Squad Car 119' (whose music is the 'Dragnet' theme), brought to you by Pietro's Pizza, the pizza with the hole in the middle. While officers Sam Finch (Bob) and Ralph R. Kruger Jr. (Ray) discuss crossword puzzles, the suspect is acquitted. 20:50 - The gang discusses further the decorating of the tree, and Christmas in general. 24:10 - Back from break, brief discussion of decorating the tree. 24:35 - 'Mary Backstage, Noble Wife' features a discussion of offers that they're considering from Greg Marlowe and Norman Lear; critic John Simon (TWPITW) shows up and plays a song that he wrote for the Broadway show that Greg Marlowe wants to produce. 30:40 - Wally Ballou (Bob) and Webley Webster (Ray) try to decorate the tree; Mary McGoon and Kent Lyle Birdley join in. 33:40 - Bob reads a (real) commercial for Italian Lines Caribbean Cruises; Ray sings in the background.

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How I discovered Bob and Ray for the Truly Desperate and Lost 12 Lbs.

(5 stars)

Actually I didn't lose any weight but I did find you through a random search here on the Internet Archives.. The audio for the most part is very good. I am a huge B&R fan and have shared some of these clips with Ray G Jr. By the way.. TWPITW refers to B&R calling John Simon The Worst Person In The World after Simon was the only critic to pan their The Two and Only Broadway show. He gave the show a blistering review,, Bob had it framed.. Ray said he'd never read it but Bob thinks he did..

Good stuff

(4 stars)

Even though B&R were using alot of scripted stuff from hired writers, this is still good stuff...especially when they break into ad-libbed conversation. Although past their prime here, ANY Bob and Ray is enjoyable to listen to. Thanks for posting.

There is now a Desperate Forum

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The administrators at the Internet Archive have very graciously allowed a Forum for such questions and general discussion. However, the answer may be in episode #044.

The Gathering Dusk....

(5 stars)

I love that 'next time' Edna visits the village is the tease, yet she never does make it to the village, does she?


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What does the abbreviation for John Simon mean?