Bob and Ray WOR 783 March 08, 1976

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"Monday, March 08, 1976", 0:00 Opening the big banner show with Webley, sounding a little blue over his handiwork, playing the organ.  1:05 Bob and Ray aid the misfortunate, including misguided town crier Mr. Schempl, misguided auto shopper Mrs. Dodie Pruett, and misguided arborist Otto Blakely.  6:15 A livelier musical interlude from Webley, leading into a commercial for Kava, the acid-neutralized coffee.  Kava has no connection to the stimulant drink of the same name, made from plants found throughout the Western Pacific; the name likely stems from the fact that the word 'kava', or something close to it, means 'coffee' in several Eastern European languages.  8:15 On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the gang leaves on the train for their Milan hotel, and hopes to find out which opera they will be performing, and when.  12:05 The Gathering Dusk, Red Boiling Springs Public Library Director Mr. Hasselbog drops by, suffers through Miss Bessinger's riddle, and assures her that the book left on her porch will not corrupt the morals of Red Boiling Springs.  16:40 Neil Klummer, host of The Bob And Ray Hobby Hut, greets number collector Mulford B. Thaxter of Skokie, Illinois, who collects numbers.  21:10 The Biff Burns Sports Room welcomes former ball player Muddy Pembroke, who teaches rookies how to deal with the press.  25:20 On Squad Car 119, the officers discuss car heaters, while a prowler goes about his business.  The Einbinder Flypaper commercial offers handy tips for flypapering your Easter bonnet.  29:15 The Orderlies features Orderly Weincoup receiving a reprimand for his sluggish work habits, and a lesson on making the most of billing patients.  33:35 The premiere episode of Small Town Editor tells the tale of Halsley Farley (or Parley; occasionally in a Bob & Ray skit, a name will change as the skit progresses).  Farley receives a visit from Mayor Slakes, who objects to the potentially slanderous (or potentially true, depending on how much evidence is destroyed) editorials.  36:50 Elmer W Lipsinger, Spy, hopes to meet a scientist who has developed a new bomb trigger for the H-Bomb, and meets a fry cook who is also a bomb trigger aficionado.  39:30 A singing commercial for Air Jamaica.  Among the Jamaican attractions mentioned are "underwater fish".  40:25 A brief musical selection from Flanagan and Allen: 'Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner'.  42:20 Closing the show. Annotated by Harry Wilson Next Episode:

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Classic Comedy

(5 stars)

Bob and Ray were the best at their craft. Listened to them for years.

Bob & Ray

(5 stars)

Thanks once again for posting these great Bob & Ray shows!!!