Bob and Ray WOR 784 March 09, 1976

Tuesday, March 09, 1976 Sightseeing tour of Milan 0:00 Roger Skibenes introduces the show, Bob gets a brief phone call about the invention of the telephone, and Ray has a traffic report. 1:10 Ralph Klinger, 'Mister I Know Where They Are', tells us where multi-millionaire Wilfred G. Barkley, railroad engineer Ernie Leroy Bascom, and unsuccessful long-distance swimmer Phoebe Hatfield are. Ralph Klinger is based on Richard Lamparski, who interviewed former stars on his radio program, and later published a series of books entitled 'Whatever Became Of...'  Several of Lamparski's interviews are available on Internet Archive. 6:25 Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife has the gang aboard a sight-seeing bus, and visiting La Scala opera house.  Calvin finds an interesting way to earn a buck, or a lira. 10:30 A LILCO (Long Island Lighting Company) commercial explaining your electric bill and its seasonal fluctuations. 11:35 On The Emergency Ward, Dr. Gerhardt Snutton engages in medical research while napping, and meets a sneezing patient.  Oddly, this bit was played again on March 29th, 1976, word for word, three weeks after this episode. 16:10 A Flanagan and Allen music selection: Nice People.  ‘Nice People’ was recorded in 1939 by both Flanagan & Allen and Jack Hylton, and in 1940 a version was released by the Nazi propagandist swing band Charlie & His Orchestra.  This latter version included extra lyrics about ‘nasty people’, in an effort to stir class hatred between Britons. 19:20 On The Gathering Dusk, Village Earthquake Detection Center Seismologist Hagedorn comes by for tea and macaroons, and to tend to a potential seismological emergency. 23:20 A singing commercial for Fulton's Savings Bank, a nice new bank founded in the 1800s. 24:30 America's favorite unethical game show, Hollywood Stars. 28:30 On Squad Car 119, the officers discuss the relative realism of police shows, while allowing a pair of rookies to engage in a shootout without backup. 33:15 A somewhat cryptic check on traffic from Helicopter 710. 34:40 Charlie Chu and his Number One Son try to solve a murder mystery, and don't. 39:15 More sad stories from visitors to New York, and more sad prizes. 42:20 A singing commercial for the new '76 Dodge Charger SE. 43:20 A non-singing commercial for Manischewitz wine, then closing the show with mention of what's coming up on WOR. Annotated by Harry Wilson Next Episode:

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