Bob and Ray WOR 787 March 12, 1976

Friday, March 12, 1976", Looking for sight-seeing bus. Next Episode: 0:00 Roger Skibenes, replacing Lyle Van, introduces Bob & Ray in Studio 2. 0:55 On Dining Out With Bob And Ray, Bob visits a French restaurant, Marcel's By The Sea, and pays through the nose.  Ray takes out from Old Plantation Chicken Take-Out, an antebellum restaurant combining old-fashioned charm with new-fashioned errors. 5:20 On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the gang finds La Scala Opera House but loses their bus; they walk back to the hotel relying on Calvin's deja vu to guide them. 9:15 Another thrilling episode of Canfield, based on the '70s show Cannon.  Tonight, private investigator Fats Canfield orders rainbow trout amandine, but receives a beating instead. 12:55 A testimonial-laden commercial for Hanover Trail Steakhouse in Whippany, Ramsey, and Woodbridge N.J.  Just six weeks after this broadcast, on April 25 1976, The New York Times agreed, calling it "a culinary gold mine". 14:00 The Gathering Dusk, Edna Bessinger is visited by Burglary And Auto Theft Division Commander Sgt Wittwell, whom she tells about her brother Waldo, spree killer, and how the police department unfairly hounded him.  Edna expresses her concern about Grandma Wanderman, and the strange machine answering her phone. 19:25 A rebuttal to a Bob & Ray editorial from Burton Huddey, who takes exception to the suggestion that fewer tourists are in town due to the Weather Bureau's introduction of winter. 23:20 A commercial from comedy team Stiller and Meara for Linear's Pocket Secretary. 24:25 The Army Amateur Hour features serviceman Specialist 9th Class Harvey Napgood, who sings the phone book, and Lt. General Warren Kliber, who dances the hula in a very manly fashion. 29:30 A quite polite commercial for Park's Sausages. 30:30 On Squad Car 119, Officer Ralph Kruger Jr. tries to run down some tennis shoes, since his noisy leather ones won't let him trail a burglary suspect. 34:15 An inspiring commercial for M&Ms candy. 35:15 A brief plug for skiing at Stow, Vermont 35:35 The official Friday closing of the studio, with thanks to many, and the Goodbye song. Annotated by Harry Wilson

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