Bob and Ray WOR 791 March 18, 1976

Thursday, March 18, 1976 Back at hotel Next Episode: 0:00 Roger Skibenes introduces the boys, who turn it over to Wally Ballou in Detroit interviewing Logan Driftwick, coordinator of the largest parade in the history of the world. 4:40 On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, Mary is still missing, but Calvin's deja vu has helped them find their way back to the hotel, where Greg Marlowe waits to tell them their roles in La Traviata. 8:40 Prodigy Street, a kids show full of fun and learning, reviewing and recapping, and belligerent coworkers. 12:10 Peter 'Snake Hips' Dean's version of 'So The Bluebirds And The Blackbirds Got Together' from his 1974 album Four Or Five Times, accompanied by his famous relative, Carly Simon. 14:25 On Search For Togetherness, Dr. Hunnicutt and landlord Delbert Bushcroft tell each other of their plans to marry the young Widow Shipley and move to the capitol. 18:35 Bob and Ray belatedly celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with the playing of the Irish folk song Patsy McCann. 20:25 Mr. Science and guest little Jimmy Schwab learn about various states of chemical elements, heat expansion, and lab explosions. 24:20 The Big Scoop, based on the radio show The Big Story, honours veteran sports reporter Osgood Breckley and his big scoop on fixing basketball scores, and the hazards of exposing the criminal element in his town. 28:30 The Gathering Dusk, Edna welcomes Village Pest Control Expert Cloybeck, who assures her that he has no intentions of following in Hitler's footsteps, and that the insects swarming over her floor are actually quite harmless. 32:55 Tales of Misfortune welcomes destitute Christmas tree salesman Sherwood Proudie, seventy-nine year old Mrs. Sonia Falconbridge, who is desperately trying to reach Paris, and underemployed mandolin player Dewey Claiborne. 37:15 Back to Wally Ballou at Coney Island, with a report on Eugene U. Pfeiffer, frigid-weather swimmer and sunbather. 39:30 Bob and Ray say goodbye, and tell what's coming up on WOR that evening. Annotated by Harry Wilson

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