Bob and Ray WOR 792 March 19, 1976

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Friday, March 19, 1976 On Mary Backstayge, the gang talks with Gregg but Mary is still missing. Next Episode: 0:00 - An introduction by newsman Roger Skibenes, followed by a summary of the show to come.  0:45 - Dr. Newport Loeb of the firm Loeb & Waterhouse drops by to explain the changing of the seasons.  3:55 - A pre-recorded ad for high-end Louis Sherry white pistachio ice cream.  5:00 - A ten-second ad for Manischewitz wine, then an episode of Mary Backstayge, in which the gang is in Milan preparing their production of La Traviata at La Scala.  Since Mary is still missing, the role of Violetta, the tubercular courtesan, may go to stage doorman Pops Beloved.  9:05 - A pre-recorded ad for Kava instant coffee featuring Buck Board, the most complacent cowboy in West Humdrum, Wyoming.  10:10 - A discussion of Bob being out of town, followed by an introduction to the news.  10:40 - An episode of Wing Po, the story of a Chinese philosopher travelling the old west.  Today's episode covers clods of earth, and what can be learned from them.  14:15 - Widen Your Horizons teaches the home user how to sharpen their pencil, with ill-equipped guest Winslow J. Danvers of the Omaha Pencil Sharpener Company.  18:35 - A traffic report from WOR's Helicopter 710.  19:55 - The closing strains of San Antonio Rose, a brief chat with Kent Lyle Birdley, then an introduction to the news.  20:45 - News headlines and weather.  21:20 - An episode of The Gathering Dusk, brought to you by The American Federation Of Sheepherders.  Miss Bessinger is  quite upset that her grocery order has not arrived, and mildly concerned that a Shriner may have met a tragic end.  25:55 - A bit of weather and a summary of the show coming up, followed by a pre-recorded Fotomat commercial.  27:40 - An announced  but unheard traffic report, then an episode of Squad Car 119, brought to you by Einbinder Flypaper.  On today's episode, a discussion of bathroom and automobile attire safety, while a vagrant harasses pedestrians.  Following is a commercial for fly paper, with a shocking fact about the common house fly.  32:05 - A carefully and repeatedly hedged Bob & Ray editorial on a budget-minded beautifying of New York, read by guest Naomi Glessbinder of the BNYBC.  36:25 - The Bob & Ray Hobby Hut features host Neal Klummer interviewing Thaxter M. Gilfoy, who builds models of defunct baseball parks; Mr. Gilfoy's model is soon defunct as well.  40:50 - The Bob & Ray Uniformed Guards perform the regular Friday 'Closing Of The Door' ceremony, followed by the 'Goodbye' closing theme. Annotated by Harry Wilson

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News tidbit

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I love the little bit of headlines at the end, where governors are asking Reagan not to run in the Presidential primary