Bob and Ray WOR 795 March 24, 1976

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Wednesday, March 24, 1976 The gang looks for American consulate. Next Episode: 0:00 - Roger Skibenes introduces Bob & Ray who introduce Tippy, The Wonder Dog.  On today's episode, Tippy has to pick up a part for Gramps' generator, while the other neighborhood dogs perform noble deeds.  4:10 - On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the gang still can't find Mary, or the American embassy.  Calvin's obsession with déjà vu continues unabated.  8:05 A brief pre-recorded Mazda commercial, then a traffic report from Fred Feldman in Helicopter 710, followed by news of train delays.  10:15 - On Squad Car 119, the officers get a new squad car, and must determine which key fits the ignition.  The pair reminisces about the keys of squad cars past, and are unable to help a stranded motorist.  14:10 - When The Crabgrass Blooms Again, written by television producer and writer Irving Taylor and sung by Jimmy Joyce.  Taylor released a series of novelty albums in the 1950s using various singers and musicians, such as Terribly Sophisticated Songs: A Collection of Unpopular Songs for Popular People, from which this selection is taken.  17:15 - On The Gathering Dusk, Edna welcomes Village Fire Department Emergency Unit Captain Chiderbeck, whom she hopes will assist her in spreading the news about her accident-laden life, and in saving her from strangulation.  21:20 - The Hollywood Stars, America's favorite game show, pits two contestants against each other in a very lopsided contest.  25:30 - An episode of Palermo, which sounds a lot like Peter Falk's NBC program Colombo, right down to the identical theme music.  29:35 - The song I Got A Rose Between My Toes, by Lou Carter.  Carter was best known in the 1950s as the character Louie, The Singing Cab Driver on Perry Como's television show, at which time he released this song on the album Louie's Love Songs.  31:35 - News headlines, followed by an episode of Brigitte Hillary And The News.  Today, girl radio reporter Hillary is determined to expose her own son as a kingpin of New York's juvenile underworld.  34:40 - The end of the news, followed by an episode of The Emergency Ward, featuring Dr. Gerhardt Snutton.  Dr. Snutton makes an important anatomical discovery in a girlie magazine, and helps a patient with a bad back.  39:05 - Interviews with members of the audience. Annotated by Harry Wilson

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