Bob and Ray WOR 797 March 26, 1976

Friday, March 26, 1976 Calvin and Pop go to a pool hall 0:00 - Introducing the show; it's springtime in the studio 1:00 - Fabian Glutnick stops by to discuss his new book on the sales technique of 'extrovert thinking', which he demonstrates on Ray, to great effect. 4:20 - On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, Calvin and Pops maintain their search for the American consulate, but only find a pool room.  Calvin's obsession with rack-and-pinion steering continues. 8:15 - The commander of the Bob & Ray Trophy Train stops by, unsure of where the train has been put into winter storage. 9:25 - Bob reads a commercial for Korvette's discount department store.  E.J.Korvette's was founded in the New York area in 1948, advertised on Bob & Ray in the '70s, and was defunct by 1980. 10:10 - On Squad Car 119, the officers weigh the pros and cons of napping in the cruiser, and integrating naps into a stake-out detail.  Includes a handy tax tip from Einbinder Flypaper. 14:05 - In today's episode of The Gathering Dusk,  Army Recruiting Sergeant Gernbach receives some startling, if dated, news from Miss Bessinger. 18:20 - News headlines, then Bob relieves the misery and heartbreak of the unfortunate by awarding prizes. 23:50 - Mister District Defender, the flip side of the 1939-1952 radio series Mister District Attorney.  In today's episode, Mister District Defender endeavors to protect a citizen from a high-paying job. 28:25 - A singing commercial for Heineken Beer. 29:30 - Bob reads a commercial for Two Guys discount store chain.  Two guys was founded in the New York area in 1946, advertised on Bob & Ray in the '70s, and was defunct by 1982. 30:40 - Fred Feldman gives a strangely upbeat traffic report. 32:25 - An episode of Anxiety, with host Commander Neville Putney.  Commander Putney tells the tale of two bank clerks locked in for the weekend.  Will their oxygen hold out?  You'll have to listen to find out! 36:50 - After some news headlines, Widen Your Horizons with Walden Briscoe of The New England Bookend And Bed Caster Company, who teaches the listener all they need to know about bookends and nothing about bed casters. 41:50 - Interviews with people with unusual occupations.  Today Bob interviews Lottie Krump, who operates professionally as upper class shill Mrs. Wingate C. Bellingham. 44:20 - The traditional Friday Bob & Ray Closing Of The Studio by the uniformed guards, followed by the traditional Goodbye song. Annotation by Harry Wilson Next Episode:

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