Bob and Ray WOR 804 April 06, 1976

Tuesday, April 06, 1976 Performing La Traviatia. Harry as Germont and Calvin as Alfredo. 0:00 - Introducing the show, then world-famous Theodore Evans Pomfret visits Bob and Ray to discuss being world-famous. 3:05 - On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the opera continues, amid mayhem.  Afterward, the gang assesses their performance, as well as the audience's. 6:45 - Lou Carter, aka 'The Singing Cab Driver', sings Whattsa Matter Wit Me, from his album Louie's Love Songs. 9:00 - A very short selection from Kent Lyle Birdley and His Commercial Separating Orchestra, and a discussion of music on the show. 10:00 - A traffic report from Helicopter 710, oddly not featuring Fred Feldman, then a discussion of the classic American Express "Do you know me?" commercials, and a very odd ABC News commercial. 13:20 - General Pharmacy, with pharmacist Ross Flecknoid serving Pamela Warfield, a wealthy matron with a rather lyrical ailment, who runs into an old and barely flickering flame. 17:35 - After a list of Midas Muffler locations, Irving Taylor's song 'Anywhere On Earth' from his album Terribly Sophisticated Songs (A Collection Of Unpopular Songs For Popular People), with vocals by Key Howard. 20:45 - On Squad Car 119, the officers discuss the difficulties of police-work, such as estimating suspects' heights and remembering street numbers, while ignoring a hold-up call.  Following is a commercial for Einbinder Flypaper addressing the issue of sea-going flies. 25:00 - The 'Beg Your Pardon' segment of the show, wherein Bob and Ray belligerently apologize for the show's numerous libellous remarks.  Today's show deals with an art theft, but not an art thief. 29:35 - On Grand Motel, owner Leonard Humphries hopes to finally have a guest rent a room, but his strict pet policy may get in the way. 33:30 - On The Pittmans, brought to you by Kretchford Braid & Tassel, young Jimmy Joe gets a job writing epic poems for fortune cookie inserts. 38:10 - Wally Ballew, from the west bank of the Mississippi in Dubuque, Iowa, interviewing stone-skipper Otto Frink. 41:15 - Ray talks about Kava instant coffee 42:15 - A pre-recorded commercial for numerous unspecified travel agents in your area. 42:45 - The Gathering Dusk, Edna Bessinger receives a visit from Village Interdenominational Church Pastor Yeagel, who reassures her that no one has died, and that she hasn't missed out on any post-funeral lunches. 46:20 - Some commercial segments, then wrapping up the show and telling what's coming up on WOR that evening. Annotations by Harry Wilson

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



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