Bob and Ray WOR 805 April 07, 1976

Wednesday, April 07, 1976 The end of Act 2 drives Greg to drink and perform in the opera. 0:00 - Introducing and planning the show, then some lovely music from Webley Webster introducing the show 'Bankruptcy'.  Today, Willard Huffer is hoping to sell 150 trolley cars in order to remain solvent. 4:10 - As we join Mary Backstayge, the second act of La Traviata nears its end, as does Greg Marlowe's sobriety. 7:55 - The Orderlies (likely based on the 1970-1971 series 'The Interns'), brought to you by Rottman Buggy Whips.  Orderly Weincoup may have to work on his physical fitness, under the tutelage of feared Orderly Training Director Gor.  Weincoup also learns a valuable lesson in medical treatment and billing. 11:35 - 'Painted, Tainted Rose', the song that was a 1963 hit for Al Martino, sung by impressionist Guy Marks on his 1968 album Loving You Has Made Me Bananas. 13:20 - A singing commercial for Tasty Cake, a tasty cake, with a plug read by Ray.  Following is a public service announcement read by Bob. 14:35 - On today's The Gathering Dusk, Village Police Department Bomb Squad Sergeant Grevenscheyer drops by while Edna is gardening in the bathroom.  After some reminiscing, Edna mentions the bomb ticking away in her back yard. 19:00 - On Widen Your Horizons, how to water a plant, with informative and surly guest Vincent Tibbets of the Hardy Perennial Flower Pot Company. 24:00 - Humlinger Industries presents the crime drama Canfield (based on William Conrad's 1971-1976 show Cannon). Today, private investigator Fats Canfield shares his recipe for frozen peach meringue torte, and gets beaten senseless. 28:10 - Hard Luck Stories, featuring tales of misfortune, as Bob and Ray try to help out the downtrodden with lovely gifts. 32:35 - A visit from Ralph Flinger, 'Mister I Know Where They Are', who knows where three former celebrities are. 37:15 - Einbinder Flypaper presents Squad Car 119, an exciting story of domestic disputes and bottle deposits.  Following is a list of several handy uses for flypaper. 41:15 - Closing the show, and what's coming up on WOR tonight. Annotations by Harry Wilson

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