Bob and Ray WOR 807 April 09, 1976

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Friday, April 09, 1976 The Finale of La Traviata and the curtain gets stuck. Next Episode: 0:00 Opening the show, then a simple test to see if you're qualified to be commander-in-chief.  3:30 On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the gang's performance of La Traviata finally reaches what may be its final finale.  7:20 Webley Webster plays a timely tune on the WOR studio organ.  8:45 Some negative advertising from Midas Muffler.  9:45 On The Gathering Dusk, as Miss Bessinger tends her mushrooms, Leading Village Optician Depwaller comes by, discusses her reclusive lifestyle, and explains her newfound night blindness.  13:45 A brief traffic summary, followed by a plea for pictures of New York for the WOR calendar.  15:45 Hobby Hut with Neil Klummer, with guest Mr. Gordon Blightwood of Kearney, Nebraska sharing his culinary collection with the listeners.  19:55 News headlines and a teaser for what’s coming up on WOR.  20:55 A smorgasbord of misery from various misguided visitors to New York, complete with prizes.  25:50 From the Blazing Hills Country Club near Grosse Pointe, Michigan, a musical interlude featuring the pared-down song stylings of Walden Inkler's Society Orchestra, and their well-connected drummer.  30:10 A brief chat, followed by a very '70s commercial for Greenpoint Savings Bank, or Earning Bank.  31:25 The Big Scoop (based on the old radio show The Big Story), featuring reporter Emil Clooty's big scoop on his being fleeced, beaten, and finally cut into the swindle by his financial advisor.  36:15 Squad Car 119, still brought to you by Einbinder Flypaper.  Tonight, an exciting story of coffee, gum, budgeting, prowlers, and windshield care.  40:05 Following up on news items that have disappeared from the back pages of the newspapers, including an unearned and re-earned dishonourable discharge, a secret door in a newly-purchased house and the fabulous treasure that lay beyond, and a story of heartwarming nepotism in minor league baseball.  44:55 The closing of the show, featuring the uniformed and capped Bob & Ray guards. Annotated by Harry Wilson.

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