Bob and Ray WOR 810 April 14, 1976

Wednesday, April 14, 1976 The Backstayges are at the hotel, watching an Italian talk show. 0:00 A bit of weather and news headlines to open the show.  0:45 A rousing welcome from a very responsive studio audience.  1:20 Henrietta Wabisher of Loon River, Wisconsin discusses setting up a symphony orchestra without breaking the budget, and dealing with the ugly aftermath.  4:25 On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the gang relaxes in their Milan hotel room discussing their upcoming Giovanni Carsoni appearance, and who among them is welcome to be on the show.  8:15 The Emergency Ward, brought to you by the U.S. Mint.  Today, Dr. Snutton advances research on anaesthesia, and is asked to detrumpet a patient.  11:50 Bobby Short's version of Laugh, Clown, Laugh from his 1959 album The Mad Twenties, with much interjection from Bob and Ray.  15:05 On The Gathering Dusk, Regional FBI Field Representative Cloyer stops by to dispute Miss Bessinger's penchant for armed insurrection, and eases her fears about her neighbor Grandma Wanderman's possible treasonous activity.  19:40 The tail end of the news, then a visit to The Bob & Ray Hobby Hut, with host Neil Klummer interviewing taxidermy enthusiast Harvey Thaxter Wakeman about his out-of-control collection.  25:15 A stock market report, then a bit of a chat with newsman Roger Skibenes.  27:00 Bob discusses the pros and cons of various seasons, leading into a York air conditioner commercial.  28:10 On Squad Car 119, the officers discuss canned celery and other canned vegetables, and narrowly avoid a brush with crime on too-narrow South Yucca Street.  The panic-inducing Einbinder Flypaper commercial points out the potentially deadly fly-related hazards of summertime.  32:45 The episode ends abruptly, without the usual show closing. Annotated by Harry Wilson

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



BnR81004141976 32:45