Bob and Ray Box 40 Track 1 62 to 95 minutes

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This is tape segment three from Box 40 Side 1 Track 1. Minutes 62 to 95. The date is unknown. It may be from the tape commonly known as Library Reel 2. If you have any means of identifying this selection please post it in a review. Track one been split into three sections and some hiss reduction has been applied. This annotation for the third section is by Harry Wilson 1:00 - A short talk with, and a Father's Day song from, Claude R. 'Yogi' Hathaway (Ray); Claude recites 'Listen Dad, With All The Palaver Aside, You're Okay'. 1:2:15 - A talk on addressing political conventions without the benefit of a PA system, with Dr. Sherman Y. Maycroft (Ray). Dr. Maycroft discusses how he came to develop this talent, and gives examples. 1:4:45 - Walden (Wally) H. Ballou (Bob) interviews Professor Groggins, who is making yet another attempt to get his rocket off the ground before Mars is out of reach; the professor discusses the various improvements he has made to his craft. Interesting that Ray gives Wally's middle initial as 'H', whereas Wally refers to himself as 'W.W. Ballou'. 1:8:15 - Over to the sports desk for a report from Biff Burns (Bob), and an interview with Miss Bernice Douglas of Millinocket, Maine, the world's oldest lady golf caddy 1:11:35 - Wally Ballou visits the National Home Sewing Contest at The Coliseum in New York, where he interviews a gentleman who has entered the contest, and who doesn't appreciate Wally's attitude toward men who sew. 1:14:25 - Back to the sewing contest with Wally Ballou, who interviews contestant Henrietta Marsha Logan of Machias, Maine, through the fat lip he received from his previous interviewee. 1:16:25 - A talk on tranquilizers from Wally Ballou at Sleepytime Laboratories in Brattleboro, Vermont, and an interview with plant manager Thurston Perdue, who is most definitely a candidate for the product. 1:19:25 - Webley Webster (Ray) drops by and discusses his playing of the Hammond organ, mostly in organ stores. Webley is unable to play as he hurt his finger, under duress. At 21:15, he attempts a painfully jaunty tune on the organ. 1:22:00 - Wally Ballou is in Barberton, North Carolina, the heart of the tobacco country, for an interview with Mr. L. E. Proud, manager of an unusual cigarette filter factory. Wally closes with an interview with little Jimmy Schwab, who samples the product. 1:25:50 - A report from meteorologist Cliff Fleming (Bob) from atop Mount Washington in New Hampshire, on an upcoming eclipse, either lunar or solar. Cliff is a bit hesitant to give an accurate weather forecast. 1:28:20 - Wally Ballou reports from Methuen, Massachusetts, or would, if he knew he was on the air. 1:30:15 - Arthur Sturdley (Bob, as B&R's version of Arthur Godfrey) asks his assistant Tony what treats are in store for his audience. Arthur mentions that it's National Save The Horse Week, then has the somewhat apprehensive Tony jump his horse over the hurdles, with bad results. 1:32:15 - A report from sportscaster Biff Burns on sports cars, and an interview with driver Lance Turlinghausen. 1:34:50 - A guest from the scientific department, staff astronomer Dr. Arlington Garment (Ray), discusses what's happening in the heavens this week. Episode annotation by Harry Wilson

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