Bob and Ray WOR 205 and 206 December 24th and 25th 1973

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From the Bob and Ray For The Truly Desperate collection. Christmas Eve and Christmas day on WOR NY radio, circa1973. Enjoy a cup of Coco and some cheer as our friends gather and open presents. Then have dinner on Christmas day as they prepare for the trip to Hollywood. Episode number changed from 207 and 208 due to new information.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



A Bob and Ray Takeoff on "Mary Noble Back Stage Wife"

(5 stars)

A spoof on the radio soap opera, "Mary Noble Back Stage Wife," which aired from 1935 to 1959. It is probably funnier to those who are or were familiar with "Mary Noble;" otherwise, the dry humor may escape those who are not acquainted with the original radio program which aired daily during the work week. I first heard "Bob and Ray" in the summer of 1951 when they aired five times a week for fifteen minutes daily in the mornings in Los Angeles. During the late 1950's they were on during the evenings as other top notch programs had ceased airing.