Bob And Ray And Leona. A mysterious snippet.

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  Hidden at the end of Shamrock tape number 37 – 6 right before the leader is a fascinating piece of Bob and Ray history. A note with this tape indicates the date is May 31, 1956. The theme music is “Bob Bob Bob and Ray Ray Ray” by Leona Anderson. The dialog seems to suggest this is a new incarnation of the show and may be the first episode. During the bits Leona herself makes a quiet and short appearance. I have teased out what I can of Leona’s improvised conversation. This recording does not fit into any of the categories of known shows. It has cross talk, hiss and is pitifully short. Just what a desperate fan of Bob and Ray requires. Please post any information you may have on this snippet. Yes May 31st, 1956 was extremely hot.

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bob and ray and leona 5:44


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