Bob and Ray Box 40 Track 1 0 To 32 minutes

This is tape segment one from Box 40 Side 1 Track 1. The first 32 minutes. The date is unknown. It may be one of the Library Reel tapes. If you have any means of identifying this selection please post it in a review. Some hiss reduction has been applied. This tape may be portions of Library Reel # 6 Episode annotation by Harry Wilson: 0:00 - Faces In The News, featuring an interview with truck driver Joseph Swanson (Bob), who suffers from poor judgement of height. 3:10 - A few moments with Leonard Bernside (Bob), who discusses the art of crooning, assisted by singer Mr. Delsdale (Ray). The name of songwriter (?) Gerald Deckhart (?) is invoked. 7:05 - Wally Ballou (Bob) reports from the low-fun Club Tumbleweed in Las Vegas, and interviews the manager about the bland diet and dull activities available to guests. 10:10 - Wally Ballou reports from Mary McGoon's Inn in Turhan Bay, Maine. We hear Mary (Ray) auditioning a new orchestra, comprised of local lobster fishermen, led by Vernon Peabody. The name of the locale, 'Turhan Bay', is a take-off on the name of actor Turhan Bey, who specialized in exotic roles in Hollywood movies from 1941 onward. 13:50 - Biff Burns (Bob) interviews the legendary grand old man of football, Golden Cougars' coach Pop O'Brien of Midwest University, about the flashy 'Slipper' Hanley. 17:40 - Johnny Braddock (Bob) presents another edition of Sports-O-Phone, where people call in and try to guess the sports figure, or figures, that he is, or isn't, talking about. 20:50 - An interview with children's author August T. May (Ray), whose political affiliations may render him a less-than-ideal role model for the youth of America. 24:05 - A commercial for the makers of Bob & Ray Stuff, who are now offering diplomatic immunity at popular prices. 27:20 - Actor Wally Payne (Ray) drops by and talks about his specialty, pain and discomfort. Next portion at this link. Next portion at this link.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



box 40 track 1 0 to 32 30:40