Bob and Ray Box 40 Track 1 33 To 60 minutes

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This is tape segment one from Box 40 Side 1 Track 1. Minutes 33 to 60. The date is unknown. It may be from the tape commonly known as Library Reel 2. If you have any means of identifying this selection please post it in a review. Track one been split into three sections and some hiss reduction has been applied. Episode annotation by Harry Wilson: From 12:45 onward, this seems to be the first sixteen minutes of ‘Library Reel 02’: Episode annotation by Harry Wilson: 0:00 - Bob interviews two people from the tour group visiting the studio, a former test pilot and a yoke-buyer. Bob tells him several yokes. 3:20 - Wally Ballou (Bob) reports from The Summer Garden Theater, at the premiere of the film 'The Really Great Story', attended by major Hollywood stars. Wally interviews Anthony Nostrum, the usher, as the stars pass by. 6:35 - An episode of 'Sea Search', with Lloyd Bricker (based on the Lloyd Bridges show 'Sea Hunt', produced from 1958 to 1961). 10:00 - Bob interviews Colonel Whipple (a pseudonym), the producer of the very strict game show 'Interrogation'. 12:45 - An interview with Clyde R. 'Hap' Watney (Ray), Regional Eastern Inter-bureau Coordinator of Administrative Activities For The North-East States, who discusses the problems of co-coordinating the inter-bureau coordinating activities. By the end of the interview, 'Clyde R.' has become 'Clyde L.'. 16:10 - After some hook-up problems, a report from weather-caster Cliff Fleming (Bob), from the weather station atop Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Rather than the weather, Cliff talks about the acoustical phenomena that makes the cars on Route 18 sound much closer than they are. 19:10 - Wally Ballou covers the famous submarine races, from the coast of Maine, assisted by Artie Schermelhorn. 23:05 - Wally Ballou covers The Great National Log-Rolling Contest in Albany, Oregon, and interviews contestant Pierre, who is not too lucky. 26:15 - Ray interviews astronomer Wilbur Feeley, who doesn't quite understand how radio works, about the planets currently view-able in the heavens. Next portion at this link.

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box 40 track 1 33 to 60 28:55


A good addition to the archive.

(4 stars)

A good addition to the archive.