Tender Buttons

Read by Cori Samuel

(4.4 stars; 13 reviews)

"The time came when there was a birthday. Every day was no excitement and a birthday was added, it was added on Monday, this made the memory clear, this which was a speech showed the chair in the middle where there was copper.

"A kind of green a game in green and nothing flat nothing quite flat and more round, nothing a particular color strangely, nothing breaking the losing of no little piece.

"The teasing is tender and trying and thoughtful."

Extracts from Tender Buttons. (1 hr 50 min)


1 - Objects 34:05 Read by Cori Samuel
2 - Food 47:38 Read by Cori Samuel
3 - Rooms 28:45 Read by Cori Samuel


(5 stars)

Best book read pretty well as well. A linrivox must