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This is a book of 57 sections divided into 2 parts. The first part is comprised of 26 poems & the second part concludes with 31 assorted stories & otherwise. John Kendrick Bangs had been known as a jokester & prankster; was also known to be the editor of Puck, perhaps the foremost American humor magazine. Take a peak and see how you end up with a grin on your face and in your heart as well. That is honest Bangsian writing. - Summary by AR (1 hr 10 min)


A Pessimistic View 1:28 Read by April6090
The Master’s Pen—A Confession 1:24 Read by Larry Wilson
Bookworm Ballads (a Literary Feast) 2:01 Read by April6090
Ideas for Sale 2:26 Read by Larry Wilson
The Author’s Boomerang 0:43 Read by oogiesragdoll
To an Egotistical Biographer 0:34 Read by oogiesragdoll
No Copyright Needed 0:47 Read by oogiesragdoll
Ingredients of Greatness 0:48 Read by oogiesragdoll
A Common Favorite 1:32 Read by Larry Wilson
Their Pens 0:29 Read by Larry Wilson
An Unsolved Problem 0:28 Read by Larry Wilson
The Bibliophile’s Threat 0:27 Read by Larry Wilson
My Treasures 0:33 Read by April6090
A Poet’s Fad 0:25 Read by Kirill D
The Poet Undone 0:29 Read by Kirill D
A Waning Muse 0:31 Read by Kirill D
Modesty 0:28 Read by Kirill D
My Lord the Book 0:34 Read by Sarah Brown
The Bibliomiser 0:39 Read by Sarah Brown
The ''Collector'' 0:47 Read by Larry Wilson
A Reader 0:59 Read by nighthawks
Fate! 0:57 Read by nighthawks
A Pleasing Thought 0:47 Read by B L Newman
Books vs. ''Books,'' by a Bibliomaniac 1:20 Read by Larry Wilson
A Confession 1:32 Read by ChadH94
The Edition de Looks 1:54 Read by Tasniim
Napolini’s Error 2:41 Read by Caroline Kiley
My Color 1:54 Read by thestorygirl
Contentment in Nature 1:45 Read by nighthawks
The Heroic Gunner 1:56 Read by Pseudonymous Nerd
The Pathetic Tale of the Caddy Boy 3:14 Read by Pseudonymous Nerd
Garrulous Wisdom 1:19 Read by April6090
The Perjury of a Rejected Lover 0:59 Read by Rachel Marie
Maid of Culture 1:04 Read by Rachel Marie
Not Perfect 1:01 Read by Rachel Marie
A City Dweller’s Wish 1:01 Read by April6090
Where are They? 1:25 Read by Tasniim
Memories 0:36 Read by Tasniim
A Sad State 0:30 Read by Austin Heath
Ad Astra per Otium. 0:46 Read by Austin Heath
Consolation 0:51 Read by Austin Heath
Satisfaction on Reading ''Not One Dissatisfied,'' by Walt Whitman 1:55 Read by Austin Heath
To a Withered Rose 0:53 Read by thestorygirl
The Worst of Enemies 0:40 Read by Rachel Marie
Jokes of the Night 1:37 Read by Rachel Marie
An Autumnal Romance 0:31 Read by KevinS
The Country in July 1:09 Read by KevinS
May 30, 1893 0:50 Read by KevinS
The Curse of Wealth 2:30 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Rhyme of the Ancient Populist 2:28 Read by Kathleen Moore
One of the Nameless Great 0:45 Read by Kathleen Moore
In February Days 1:05 Read by Kathleen Moore
A Change of Ambition 1:28 Read by Kathleen Moore
Message from Mahatmas 3:15 Read by Larry Wilson
The Gold-seekers 2:13 Read by Larry Wilson
Ode to a Politician 2:32 Read by nighthawks
Some are Amateurs 0:41 Read by April6090