Bob and Ray WOR 723 December 12th 1975

(4 stars; 1 reviews)

This recording contains portions of the Bob and Ray Radio show on WOR New York. The recording exhibits an under layer of another radio show due to misaligned erase and recording heads. There is also evidence of badly needed degaussing of the original equipment. The editing was done "on the fly" by pushing the record button while the radio played. Many of the clips are missing the beginning or ending of the bits due to this process. My heartfelt thanks go to whoever recorded this tape. The clips include a Biff Burns Sports Room show. Also an episode of Bridget Hillery and the News, some helicopter traffic reports with a commercial, The Gathering Dust where Edna tries to sell the house and a Mary Backstayge Episode about their new show, “Tale of Two Cities” on the Joe Franklin Show. What more could any desperate fan of Bob and Ray want? Correction 02-05-2024 Episode number is 723. We apologize for any family arguments related to this mis-numbering.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



B&R 12-12-75 No 726 16:08


Another good one

(4 stars)

Good assortment of sketches this time around, and I do believe that is the real Joe Franklin there, going along with the gag. Neat.