Bob and Ray WHDH August 4th 1949

Bob and Ray on WHDH August 4th, 1949. From a freshly baked tape. B & R WHDH Matinee August 4, 1949 29 minute show from Norwood, Mass. The duo discuss the upcoming Bob and Ray Benefit and baseball generally and the red sox specifically. A song is dedicated to the Rhode Island listeners (organ instrumental) After an ad jingle there is the John J Ling Badwill Hour (like a Chinese Dr. IQ or similar radio answer man shows) Ad for the New Haven RailRoad A short version of the song Moonstory by Ray Elliot Mary Martin Magoon and her publicity man appear over her upcoming swim. An instrumental from the play Oklahoma A satire of horse racing (at Revere, Mass.'s Wonderland Race Track) The duo banter and before they close-the listeners are admonished to "not throw stones at people in glass houses, they will just throw them back at you...."     Annotated by Calvin Saxton

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



BaR08041949 29:42