Bob and Ray WHDH August 3rd 1949

0:00 - A combination of the country & western tune 'Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt', written by Ted and Theda Daffan, and 'The Jones Laughing Record' by Spike Jones, followed by a brief talk from Tex (Bob) of the Smoky Valley Boys. The C&W tune seems to be the 1946 Ted Daffan's Texans' version, played at a slightly slower speed than normal, for an extra-maudlin effect that would match Tex's style. 1:40 - Introducing the show, and some questions about Bill's "wandering Buick"; apparently his car was stolen. 2:30 - A singing commercial for Chesterfield cigarettes, followed by Ray chewing out Ken for being late for work. 3:25 - A visit from Scott Free (Ray), who is in town to promote Mary McGoon's marathon swim to Boston Light, and arrange endorsements. Scott remains close at hand for the rest of the show. The character of Scott Free is based on Ted Worner, press agent and promoter of Massachusetts-born marathon swimmer Shirley May France. Worner seemed to be more interested in promotion and endorsements than he was in the actual swimmer; in fact, when Miss France made her attempts at swimming the English Channel, she did so in a black bathing suit with the words 'Black Magic' emblazoned across the bust, to promote the 1949 Orson Welles film. 5:15 - Bob introduces The Mary Margaret McGoon Band (Ken and Bill), who play 'You Were Only Fooling', written in 1948 by Larry Fotine with lyrics by Billy Faber and Fred Meadows, and a big hit that year for Blue Barron & His Orchestra, The Ink Spots, and Kay Starr. 7:30 - Ray tells of Ken Wilson's plan to open a warehouse full of items for sale, Bob mentions their upcoming personal appearances. 9:00 - A listing of upcoming events at The Casino At Magnolia near Gloucester, Mass., including 'Free Dinner Night'. The free dinner is, of course, only for Bob and Ray. Their plug for the casino includes a tongue-in-cheek 'sample' of the music played by Sammy Eisen & His Orchestra (actually played by Ken and Bill). Eisen, part owner of The Casino At Magnolia, was enough of a staple at the casino that he was mentioned on their matchbooks above 'Fine Foods' and 'Cocktail Lounge'. 13:20 - Bob segues from the casino into a commercial for New Haven Railroad, while Ray mutters in the background. After the commercial, Ray learns some surprising options regarding train travel. 15:20 - Scott Free finally gets to talk about Mary McGoon's marathon swim, and tries to arrange for Bob and Ray's coverage of the event. 16:15 - Ray quizzes musicians Ken and Bill, to see if they were paying attention to the New Haven Railroad commercial. Bill was, Ken wasn't. 18:40 - Ray introduces a medley of (partially) Gallic music, as Bob and Ray reminisce about their time in gay Paree; Ken and Bill then play a complete song. 22:25 - Larry Lovebreath (Bob) does a commercial for Cynthia Sweets candy, over the 'The (Spike) Jones Laughing Record'. Cynthia Sweets was a local Boston candy maker whose chocolate was, according to their matchbooks, 'Fashioned By Hand’, ‘The Finest Of Chocolates’, and 'Always Appropriate'. After the commercial, Bob and Ray announce the 'Cynthia Sweets Big Prize Contest', which may or may not have prizes. 26:10 - Ray does a commercial for Ipana toothpaste, and offers helpful hints for dental care. 28:10 - Bob does a commercial for greyhound racing at Wonderland Revere, followed by a hectic program wrap-up. Episode annotation by Harry Wilson

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