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These files are hosted at the Internet Archive - Please go to that site.  Folks should be cautious of sites that play files but do not actually host the files. Consider why a free site wants your unattended browser session to stay open for extended lengths of time. Unknown Bob and Ray - Possibly Library Reel  Sometimes a Bob and Ray tape has no box, notes or any information to identify its contents. The file here is a portion of one of these unidentified tapes. Based on the low volume sound, loud hissing and high pitched whistle this is a third or fourth generation recording. Some basic sound restoration has been performed to remove a prominent 3000 Hz noise and bring the voices up to a listenable volume level.  The complete 4 track tape runs a total of four hours, it is composed of well edited short segments. The segments all appear to be from the same time period. Other than a Wally interview returning you to New York there is no station identification information.  Do you recognize the show or the time period? Please list as much information about these shows as possible in a review of the show. When enough information is posted in comments a page will be created with the details. Your information will be used to create that final Archive page.

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BaR PB1 S1 T1 1sthalf 29:09


Probably CBS, circa 1958 - 1960

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Most of the material is clearly CBS from the late fifties to early 60s, probably circa 1958 - 1960. One must listen for the specific characters and how well they are developed. E.g., Wally Ballou was a relatively LATE character addition, whereas Mary Margret McGoon (i.e., Mary Margret McBride) was one of the first characters to appear (done miraculously by Ray). Artie Sckermerhorn (sic?) actually PREDATES Wally Ballou. Originally, Artie's was a one joke character who whistled with every "S" in a word. Artie first appears circa 1952 in the AFRTS show. Thumbs are to hang by! PS: Why are there NO postings of Mary Margret McBride's, One O'Clock programme? Bob and Ray are a lot better when you have heard the source of their characters.

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For the file, and this good note to keep in mind "Consider why a free site wants your unattended browser session to stay open for extended lengths of time." good point

Bob & Ray Plastic Bag

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