Bob and Ray WOR 789 March 16, 1976

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Tuesday, March 16, 1976 Looking for Mary in a restaurant Next Episode: 0:00 Welcoming the listeners to the cozy studio, then The Bob & Ray I Beg Your Pardon show. Bob and Ray apologize to Otto Lurdwood for identifying him as the head of a New Haven counterfeiting ring. 4:50 On Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, the gang continues to search for Mary, who has mysteriously vanished in the backstreets of Milan, then they have lunch. 8:45 Anxiety, with host Commander Neville Putney, features the suspenseful tale of Pamela Nordyke, her husband Cecil, and his strange secret. What could be buried in the garden? Could it be cabbages? Stay tuned for the disappointing conclusion! 13:05 A musical treat from British music hall duo Flanagan And Allen, their 1938 hit 'Music Maestro Please!'. 16:00 On The Emergency Ward, Dr. Gerhardt Snutton relaxes while conducting research via The Racing Form, then deals with a patient with a numb foot. 20:05 A visit to The Bob & Ray Hobby Hut with host Neil Klummer, who welcomes Carl Dickert, collector of odd-shaped food. The boys have a bit of trouble playing the entire skit straight. 25:10 The Gathering Dusk finds Edna welcoming Village Police Department Burglary And Auto Theft Division Commander Sgt. Widwell, who offers marital counselling while assuaging Edna's fears about the rummage theft next door. 28:50 Phone Call To Anywhere, the excruciatingly drawn-out telephone-based game show. 32:00 On Squad Car 119, the officers discuss nasal spray, cold symptoms, and uniform care, while a fugitive flees north.  The Einbinder commercial reminds housewives of the economic recklessness of not buying flypaper. 35:50 Wrapping up the show, and what's coming up on WOR. Annotated by Harry Wilson

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