To The Lighthouse

(3.7 stars; 518 reviews)

The Ramsey family, with house guests, visit the Isle of Skye at least twice. The plot is not at all the point though, as this is a book about how people think and feel and relate. There’s insight into the world of childhood thought and emotion, and a variety of views of adult cares and perceptions.

I hope this doesn’t make it sound ‘difficult’, it doesn’t need to be – just let the sentences flow and make your own sense of the words. It’s perhaps as close as a novel can come to the highly individual experience of looking at a painting. … (summary by Cori Samuel)

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(5 stars)

The book, in itself, needs no review of my one, for I could not say anything new about this classic of the English Literature. Wonderful, magic, inspiring, fulfilling etc is already said. But I can say that I loved to hear it. To have it "told" is something special. The reader has a very agreeable voice and gives the necessary colors and tones that one needs to go deep not only into the book, but into one self. Thank you very much.

a great book!

(5 stars)

This is a stream of consciousness, poetic painting of a book, from the perspective of each character. It's beautiful, compassionate, and truly human. It leaves me wanting to ponder it and listen or read it again. The reader did an excellent job.

(5 stars)

The reader, Cori Samuel, is outstanding and brings this great work to life with her expressive and intelligent reading of a challenging, but very rewarding work.


(5 stars)

Written by a white person. Virginia Wolf is critically lauded giant of the progressive intelligencia. I am shocked and

Why tho?

(5 stars)

its honestly the best app that I've found that is free now all of Virginia Woolf's books are awesome, especially Sun and Moon?. or Day and Night ?.

Excellent reading!

(5 stars)

The reader is fantastic, and listening to her read the novel is in some ways better than reading it oneself.

(5 stars)

One of the best books I’ve read in my life. Extraordinary narration; very well done, reader.


(3 stars)

Beautifully read but not as great a book as many insist. Quite childish, really.