The Master of Mysteries

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(4.7 stars; 25 reviews)

Subtitled, "Being an account of the problems solved by Astro, seer of secrets, and his love affair with Valeska Wynne, his assistant." Classic detective stories, with an atypical solver of them. Note, the book itself is published with no author name, which explains the introduction. Don't understand what I mean? Listen and find out! - Summary by TriciaG (13 hr 36 min)


Introduction 5:10 Read by ToddHW
Missing John Hudson 34:05 Read by Matthew Boff
The Stolen Shakespeare 36:13 Read by ToddHW
The Macdougal Street Affair 34:00 Read by NeoAnglo
The Fanshawe Ghost 28:26 Read by NeoAnglo
The Denton Boudoir Mystery 35:18 Read by NeoAnglo
The Lorsson Elopement 46:38 Read by TriciaG
The Calendon Kidnapping Case 36:33 Read by TriciaG
Miss Dalrymple's Locket 26:39 Read by ToddHW
Number Thirteen 36:43 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Trouble with Tulliver 30:42 Read by Kathleen Moore
Why Mrs. Burbank Ran Away 37:35 Read by Kathleen Moore
Mrs. Selwyn's Emerald 35:51 Read by ToddHW
The Assassins' Club 39:10 Read by Dan Gurzynski
The Luck of the Merringtons 26:03 Read by Beth Blakely
The Count's Comedy 33:47 Read by ToddHW
Priscilla's Presents 25:36 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
The Heir to Soothoid 30:00 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
The Two Miss Mannings 37:20 Read by Mark Nelson
Van Asten's Visitor 31:47 Read by ToddHW
The Middlebury Murder 39:39 Read by Tomas Dorrington-Hardin
Vengeance of the Pi Rho Nu 36:36 Read by Mark Nelson
The Lady in Taupe 25:18 Read by Kathleen Moore
Mrs. Stellery's Letters 37:25 Read by Kathleen Moore
Black Light 29:34 Read by Kathleen Moore


Fun and Entertaining

(5 stars)

An excellent book, to have in the background, while working. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Surprising delight

(4.5 stars)

This is a collection of individual cases of the mysterious Astro, a celebrated psychic who uses his unusual intellect and powers of observation to solve problems that his clients want to keep out of the public eye. Aided by his beautiful and bright protege, Valeska, they make a compelling pair of detectives as they move through gilded New York society of 1908. The stories are clever and highly original, so much so that I am amazed they were never adapted for radio or the screen. I also enjoyed the images of New York City in an age when horse drawn carriages and automobiles shared the streets.