Read by Rocky

(4.6 stars; 13 reviews)

This is an adventure story about a horse in the wild west. (Summary by Rocky Taylor) (5 hr 13 min)


Pals 18:43 Read by Rocky
Wild Horse 20:41 Read by Rocky
Horse Thief 9:32 Read by Rocky
Desert Winter 22:21 Read by Rocky
Wild-Horse Drive 18:52 Read by Rocky
Midnight 36:07 Read by Rocky
The Way of the High Country 27:13 Read by Rocky
The Strong Survive 23:58 Read by Rocky
Prisoner 14:51 Read by Rocky
Escape 29:11 Read by Rocky
New Trails 24:02 Read by Rocky
Doom of the Band 39:18 Read by Rocky
Tex Takes the Trail 13:42 Read by Rocky
Beside the Castle Rocks 7:38 Read by Rocky
Home to Stay 7:14 Read by Rocky


well read

(5 stars)

I loved Montgomery's animal novels as a boy. I read Carcajou,Yellow eyes, and Wapiti the elk. I am now in my 60s and though I never read this particular story I was able to enjoy this nice walk down memory lane. An interesting observation I made in my listening to this story is that Mr Montgomery is able to artfully weave in the realities of life in the wild; the struggles of life, death, and reproduction, while at the same time telling a wonderful story. It teaches children that in the grandeur of life there are also difficulties to overcome. Also, I congratulate the reader Rocky Taylor who did a wonderful job of narrating this tale!😊

(5 stars)

Awesome, just as good as MarkTwain’s ‘A Horse’s Tale’. Read it and loved it, the narrator was a bit quiet, but other was it was amazing.