The Perfect World

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Almost certainly the merging of two separate magazine novellas, where Scrymsour attempted to weave together the plots. In this fantasy/ science fiction novel, the two young gentlemen protagonists are transported from a company town dominated by their family coalmine into an underground cave system where an oligarchic exiled race of dwarf Israelites has lived for 3000 years and grown horns. More space and time travel follow bringing our heroes to Jupiter, where romance follows. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (9 hr 44 min)


Strangers Come to Marshfielden 15:16 Read by JT
The Curse 23:24 Read by JT
The Light 15:34 Read by JT
The Outlet 18:25 Read by MrsLSid
A Strange Meeting 23:24 Read by Ruthema
The Origin of the People 23:28 Read by Ruthema
Relating to History 16:10 Read by Ruthema
Out Into the Great Beyond 12:15 Read by Ruthema
A Friend from the Enemy 13:29 Read by MrsLSid
The Lair of the Serpent 14:15 Read by MrsLSid
On the Way to the Tomb of Korah 10:21 Read by Courtney Miller
The Tomb of Korah 12:24 Read by Elizabeth Renae
The Papyrus 13:19 Read by Elizabeth Renae
The Escape 13:56 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
At Walla Balla 35:23 Read by Mark Nelson
Home Again 22:52 Read by MrsLSid
The Airship 12:34 Read by MrsLSid
The End of the World 22:33 Read by MrsLSid
In Space 13:26 Read by MrsLSid
Adrift in the Solar Regions 21:16 Read by Mark Nelson
The Vision of a New World 14:17 Read by MrsLSid
Jupiter and the Jovians 24:23 Read by MrsLSid
Death in Jupiter 18:02 Read by MrsLSid
The Sacrament of Schlerik-Itata 25:20 Read by MrsLSid
Hatred on Keemar 23:15 Read by MrsLSid
The Unforgiveable Kiss 17:33 Read by MrsLSid
Alan - The Knight Errant 9:43 Read by Beth Blakely
The Cave of Whispering Madness 22:39 Read by Beth Blakely
The Wraiths of the Rorkas 17:51 Read by Beth Blakely
The Fate of Kulmervan 8:11 Read by MrsLSid
The Sentence Upon Arrack 12:22 Read by MrsLSid
The Hall of Sorrows 9:01 Read by MrsLSid
The Triumph of Ak-Alan 18:28 Read by MrsLSid
The Perfect World and Envoi 10:05 Read by ZoinkMeister Patrick


Wonderful very British dark fantasy

(5 stars)

remarkable historic work