Favourite Chapters Collection 003

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(1.5 stars; 1 reviews)

A collection of LibriVox volunteers’ favourite chapters. Some were chosen for being the key chapter in a great novel, others for the wonderful clarity with which great ideas are expressed, and still others because the reader did a wonderful job. Whatever the reason they were chosen, we hope they will give you as much pleasure as they did us. (Summary by David Barnes) (4 hr 22 min)


The Trial by Jury, as Defined by Magna Carta 26:21 Read by Robert Scott
The Republic - Book 7 - The Allegory of the Cave 8:51 Read by Carolyn Frances
The Canterville Ghost, Chapter 5 11:52 Read by Carolyn Frances
Night and Day, Chapter 18 56:22 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Daniel Deronda, Chapter 22 32:16 Read by Becky Miller
Sense and Sensibility, Chapter 44 33:48 Read by Michelle Crandall
Villette, Chapter 4 24:51 Read by Tae Jensen
Mansfield Park, Chapter 2 23:17 Read by Tina Tilney
Where Angels Fear To Tread, Chapter 4 21:29 Read by Julie Pandya
North and South, Chapter 3 23:22 Read by Jo
Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 1 13:36 Read by David Grimes