Mussolini as Revealed in His Political Speeches (November 1914 - August 1923)

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Benito Mussolini was an Italian journalist and politician, the leader of the National Fascist Party. He grew up as a violent bully, and the characteristics developed in childhood aided his upward career and later rule in Italy. He was also an excellent orator, and this was one of the qualities that helped him rise to power.

This project contains over 60 of his earlier speeches, covering the years 1914-1923: from soon after his expulsion from the Socialist Party for supporting WWI, to his becoming Prime Minister yet still submitting outwardly to democratic rule. (He seized power, threw off the democratic yoke, and became dictator in 1925-1927.) - Summary by TriciaG (12 hr 35 min)


Introduction. A Note on Italian Fascismo. Manifesto 27:52 Read by Availle
Part I: Mussolini the ''Socialist''. 25th November 1914 9:27 Read by Craig Campbell
Part II: Mussolini the ''Man of the War''. 13th December 1914 ''For the Liberty… 22:15 Read by Craig Campbell
25th January 1915 ''Either War or the End of Italy's Name as a Great Power'' 17:25 Read by schrm
1st December 1917 ''To the Complete Vanquishing of the Huns'' 8:48 Read by Adam Bielka
24th February 1918 ''No Turning Back!'' 20:38 Read by Adam Bielka
24th May 1918 ''The Fatal Victory'' 24:59 Read by Adam Bielka
8th April 1918 ''In Honour of the American People'' 4:58 Read by Adam Bielka
20th October 1918 ''The League of Nations'' 10:34 Read by Adam Bielka
11th November 1918 ''In Celebration of Victory'' 6:27 Read by Adam Bielka
Part III: Mussolini the ''Fascista Friend of the People'' 20th March 1919 ''Wor… 7:30 Read by Phantom647
5th February 1920 ''Sacrifice, Work, and Production'' 7:57 Read by Matt Stevens
24th May 1920 ''We Are Not Against Labour, but Against the Socialist Party, in … 8:29 Read by Paul Fleischman
4th April 1921 ''Fascismo's Interests for the Working Classes'' 9:36 Read by KevinS
6th December 1922 ''My Father Was a Blacksmith, and I Have Worked with Him; He… 6:22 Read by Matt Stevens
6th January 1923 ''Labour to Take the First Place in New Italy'' 4:06 Read by KevinS
Part IV: Mussolini the ''Fascista'' 23rd March 1919 - The Three Declarations at… 11:44 Read by Paul Fleischman
22nd July 1919 Outline of the Aims and Programme of Fascismo 21:14 Read by Matt Stevens
9th October 1919 Fascismo and the Rights of Victory 11:13 Read by Devlinianism
20th September 1920 ''The Tasks of Fascismo'' 28:54 Read by Bloater51
6th February 1921 ''Fascismo and the Problems of Foreign Policy'' 27:52 Read by Bloater51
3rd April 1921 ''How Fascismo was Created'' 19:21 Read by Bloater51
20th September 1922 The Italy We Want Within, and Her Foreign Relations 28:24 Read by Bloater51
25th September 1922 ''The Piave and Vittorio Veneto Mark the Beginning of New… 5:42 Read by KevinS
6th October 1922 ''The Fascista Dawning of New Italy'' 19:43 Read by Matt Stevens
26th October 1922 ''The Moment Has Arrived When the Arrow Must Leave the Bow … 18:42 Read by Matt Stevens
Part V: Mussolini the ''Fascista Member of Parliament'' 21st June 1921 Fascismo… 10:07 Read by Matt Stevens
21st June 1921 The Question of Montenegro's Independence 6:04 Read by KevinS
21st June 1921 D'Annunzio and Fiume 2:43 Read by KevinS
21st June 1921 Italy, Sionism, and the English Mandate in Palestine 4:22 Read by KevinS
21st June 1921 The Attitude of Fascismo towards Communism and Socialism 8:32 Read by KevinS
21st June 1921 The Attitude of Fascismo towards the Popular Party. The Vatica… 5:48 Read by KevinS
Part VI: Mussolini the ''Fascista Prime Minister'' 16th November 1922 A New Cro… 6:56 Read by Paul Fleischman
16th November 1922 The Foreign Policy of the Fascista Government 9:40 Read by Matt Stevens
16th November 1922 The Policy of Fascismo for Italy: Economy, Work and Discip… 8:44 Read by schrm
27th November 1922 ''Conscientious General Diagnosis of the Conditions of the … 15:57 Read by Matt Stevens
12th December 1922 ''I Remain the Head of Fascismo, Although the Head of the … 2:29 Read by KevinS
2nd January 1923 ''Our Task in History is to make a United State of the Itali… 4:33 Read by KevinS
15th January 1923 The Advance in the Ruhr District 7:41 Read by Matt Stevens
19th January 1923 The Government of Speed 2:36 Read by KevinS
23rd January 1923 The March of Events on the Ruhr. The Position of Italy 8:17 Read by Matt Stevens
1st February 1923 The Ruhr, the Conference of Lausanne, and the Port of Memel 5:50 Read by schrm
6th February 1923 Ratification of the Washington Treaty of Naval Disarmament 2:40 Read by KevinS
6th February 1923 Message from the Hon. Mussolini to the Italians in America u… 2:45 Read by KevinS
8th February 1923 For the Carrying Out of the Treaty of Rapallo 9:03 Read by schrm
10th February 1923 The Agreements of Santa Margherita. Italy and Yugoslavia 13:53 Read by Matt Stevens
16th February 1923 Questions of Foreign Policy before the Senate. The Ruhr; F… 12:31 Read by Matt Stevens
2nd March 1923 Review of European Politics in their Relation with Italy 13:40 Read by Matt Stevens
6th March 1923 Italo-Yugoslav Conference for the Commercial Treaty 2:00 Read by Adam Bielka
7th March 1923 ''History Tells Us that Strict Finance has brought Nations to S… 4:37 Read by Adam Bielka
18th March 1923 ''It Is Not the Economic System of Europe Alone that We Have … 5:35 Read by Adam Bielka
29th March 1923 ''Only Those Who Profited by the War Grumbled and Still Grumb… 2:10 Read by KevinS
30th March 1923 ''Patriotism Is Not Formed by Mere Words'' 2:31 Read by KevinS
7th April 1923 Questions of Foreign Policy before the Cabinet 10:50 Read by Matt Stevens
2nd June 1923 ''Mine Is Not a Government which Deceives the People'' 4:42 Read by schrm
2nd June 1923 ''In Time Past as in Time Present, Woman Had Always a Prepondera… 7:42 Read by Michele Fry
3rd June 1923 ''So long as these students and these universities exist, the Na… 9:15 Read by schrm
8th June 1923 Italy's Foreign Policy regarding German Reparations, Hungary, Bul… 26:02 Read by KevinS
8th June 1923 ''The Internal Policy'' 34:04 Read by Shreya Sethi
10th June 1923 ''As Sardinia has been Great in War, so likewise will she be G… 5:25 Read by ToddHW
12th June 1923 ''Men Pass Away, Maybe Governments too, but Italy Lives and Wi… 5:04 Read by ToddHW
13th June 1923 ''Fascismo will bring a Complete Regeneration to Your Land'' 2:49 Read by ToddHW
19th June 1923 ''As we have Regained the Mastery of the Air, we do not want t… 4:51 Read by ToddHW
19th June 1923 ''I Promise You--and God is my Witness--that I shall continue n… 2:41 Read by ToddHW
25th June 1923 ''The Victory of the Piave was the Deciding Factor of the War'' 8:42 Read by ToddHW
28th June 1923 The Relations between Italy and the United States 16:36 Read by ToddHW
2nd July 1923 ''The Greatness of the Country will be Achieved by the New Gene… 3:43 Read by KevinS
3rd July 1923 The Situation on the Ruhr and Other Questions of Foreign Policy 4:19 Read by KevinS
16th July 1923 The Electoral Reform Bill 33:01 Read by KevinS
29th August 1923 The Massacre of the Italian Delegation for the Delimitation o… 3:55 Read by KevinS