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A gripping nautical tale set in Hawaii and upon the open sea. What starts out as a chance meeting between two men turns into a heated race for priceless treasure -- and the love of a remarkable woman. - Summary by Google Books

(7 hr 3 min)


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Deep plot with WWI undertones

(5 stars)

Wow! Max Brand has done it again! He blends cultural, political and toxic masculinity together with a bit of love story, mutiny, shipwreck, explosions, and a stunning ending to give the reader, or in this case listener, an incredibly intriguing tale. Thank you readers! you did a good job and some of you did an excellent job! I listened to this in one afternoon and through enjoyed it. historically, this is one of Brand's last works as he was killed as a journalist during WWI.


(5 stars)

this book is very different from most of max brands books, but a very good book indeed! I'm not to sure yet what I think of the ending but probably the best way for it to end... good readers! thanx

Good story but...

(3 stars)

Good story, if a bit heavy handed in dealing with the 2 main characters and their rivalry. Also, the ending feels a bit contrived.


(3 stars)

First of all let me say the first reader is amazing. He really set the tone of the book and his voice was perfect for the story. The other readers are all good as well but I weren't as enjoyable. It's no reflection on them only the first reader was so good. As for the story... It starts out following Harrigan in Hawaii where he encounters and helps another man in a fight. They go there seperate ways but fate brings them together again. They are both strong men with strong wills and only one of them can be master. Their struggle for mastery is further complicated by the introduction of Kate, a beautiful charming young woman, that both Giants strive to win. It's a classic tale, and the first part of the book is set in a wonderful brooding manner. This is followed by shipwrecks mutiny, a constant flip-flop between friendship and hate for the two men and is then followed by a somewhat unsatisfying conclusion. I both enjoyed and disliked it by turns.