On The Trail: An Outdoor Book for Girls

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Lina and Adelia Beard, co-founders of the first American girls' scouting group, originally called the Girl Scout Society, then the Girl Pioneers, and finally as the Camp Fire Girls, provide practical advice and encouragement to girls and young women who wish to explore a "free, wholesome, and adventurous outdoor life." - Summary by Christine Lehman, aka stoogeswoman (6 hr 15 min)


Presentation 2:32 Read by Christine Lehman
Trailing 26:01 Read by Christine Lehman
Woodcraft 34:57 Read by Jan Roeder
Camping, Part 1 19:22 Read by Laura Oskins
Camping, Part 2 30:55 Read by Mickey Lee Rich
What to Wear on the Trail 39:09 Read by Ruth P.
Outdoor Handicraft 17:34 Read by Christine Lehman
Making Friends with the Outdoor Folk 20:45 Read by KevinS
Wild Food on the Trail 39:48 Read by Jaimiechurch95
Little Foes of the Trailer 31:44 Read by ScientificMethodist
On the Trail with your Camera 23:27 Read by Jackie Graves
On and In the Water 32:18 Read by Ruth P.
Useful Knots and How to Tie Them 14:34 Read by Jennifer Henry
Accidents 15:40 Read by Christine Lehman
Camp Fun and Frolics 20:17 Read by Christine Lehman
Happy and Sane Sunday in Camp 6:40 Read by Christine Lehman