The "Mind The Paint" Girl

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(3.9 stars; 11 reviews)

"The "Mind The Paint" Girl, by Louis Tracy, is a delightful novelization of Sir Arthur Pinero's sparkling comedy now having a successful New York run.... Mr. Tracy has caught the very spirit of the drama and has told its story with much of the same vivre that has packed the theatre and made it impossible to get seats except several weeks in advance. It is the story of the meteoric rise of a lovely young musical comedy actress whose song "Mind the Paint" put London at her feet and the opportunity of placing several British coronets on her head." Note that we also have the play itself available here at Librivox. - Summary by Bookseller Magazine of 1912 (7 hr 3 min)


A May Morning 24:47 Read by Adrian Stephens
The New Star 25:12 Read by Adrian Stephens
Vertigo 25:45 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Descent 24:54 Read by npfehr
In The Depths 23:36 Read by Rita Boutros
The Plot 31:27 Read by Rita Boutros
An Interlude 22:25 Read by Rita Boutros
Harmonies, and Some Discords 29:34 Read by Rita Boutros
Frivolities 32:52 Read by Christine
Some Minor Issues 24:40 Read by Dylan M. Davis
The End of the Frolic 23:06 Read by Kathleen Moore
Smoldering Ashes 24:09 Read by Kathleen Moore
Which Begin to Glow 27:25 Read by Kathleen Moore
And Ultimately Burst into Flame 29:00 Read by Jude Somers
The Morning After 25:16 Read by Susannah Mason
The Settlement 29:28 Read by Jude Somers


This is insulting to BIPOCs

(4.5 stars)

Disregards the societal dependence of white culture on the oppression of BIPOC culture. If it were realistic the central protagonist would by an oppressed BIPOC who bravely holds white culture up so that these white people can go on with their silly white lives all while speaking in an incorrect accent

Interesting Social History Tale

(4 stars)

A different type of tale, quite well written but Chaps 9 and 10 are read by people who do really bad accents. Especially Chapter 9 with an American young woman trying to do English accents and getting them abominably wrong. Would be better not to try!!


(2.5 stars)

PLEASE PLEASE please do NOT try to imitate accents with which you are not familiar. It is both painful & insulting to make Londoners sound like buffoons!