Bob and Ray WHDH August 11 1949

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This file has had a bit of cleanup. At about 20 minutes there is an episode of "Backstage Farrel" which seems to have the origins of Mary Backstage in it. Listen for the names used. Box 34 Track 1 Segment 2

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



BnRWHDH08111949 32:23


Poor Remastering

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Please simply transfer the tapes as-is. Your remastering has left a digital compression squeal at about 3 - 4 kHz that is un-listenable and cannot be removed. Head alignment to the the tape being played may help. Also, remember clean and to BAKE the tape prior to transfer. 1: Baking: At about 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 - 30 minutes. Assuming polyester or Mylar tape base. E,g, Scotch 111. 2: Cleaning: a SOFT cotton cloth or microfiber cloth impregnated with 70% alcohol. LIGHTLY allow the tape to slowly run through the cloth making sure to shift the cloth to a clean portion. Be delicate. 3. Adjust the playback head azimuth for best sound to the specific tape. Note that your tape machine alignment will not likely be optimum for the archive tape. 4. Convert to digital MP3 or MPEG4 (ACC) MONAURAL (save bytes). set sample rate to 44.1 kHz and set bit rate to at least to 128 kbps,