Bob And Ray April 17 1984

(5 stars; 4 reviews)

April 17th, 1984: 0:00 - Opening the program with a visit from Webley Webster, a discussion of his upcoming new show, and plugs for Einbinder Flypaper and Monongahela Steel Ingots. 1:40 - Tippy The Wonder Dog is sent to buy barbed wire to protect Gramps and little Jasper from a local cattle stampede.  Tippy is brought to you by Mushies cereal.  The barbed wire is brought to Gramps by no one. 6:10 - Victims of misfortune visit Bob and Ray, and are rewarded with lovely and inappropriate gifts. 11:00 - A budget-minded commercial for Einbinder Flypaper. 11:50 - A busy day on Garish Summit, with the first snowfall of the year and Rodney showing off his new pen, while in the other wing of the mansion, trouble brews. 17:05 A vitally important commercial for Monongahela Steel Ingots. 17:50 - The Emergency Ward, brought to you by the United States Mint.  Today, Dr. Gerhardt Snutton conducts medical research with a fly swatter, then helps a patient with a salad fork in his ear. 22:15 - Closing the show, with crew credits. This days files is from two sources. One source is a 7" reel recorded aircheck. The other is a slightly edited version, shortening the half-hour broadcast by seven or eight minutes.  According to reliable internet sources, the missing segments include an episode of The Hobby Hut.  The reason for this editing is unknown; it may have been to allow time for ads on a commercial rebroadcast. Dates were also taken from reliable internet sources; special thanks to Archive member Tmack45465 for digging up those sources.

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