1001 Questions and Answers on English Grammar

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A book for students interested in finding out how many things about the English language have changed, and how many have weathered the test of time. - Summary by jasonb (6 hr 9 min)


Introduction 3:00 Read by Wayne Cooke
Orthography 4:27 Read by Theoden Humphrey
Etymology 3:40 Read by KevinS
Articles 1:47 Read by Verity Kendall
Nouns 38:48 Read by Theoden Humphrey
Adjectives 18:28 Read by Verity Kendall
Pronouns 11:09 Read by Larry Wilson
Verbs 37:50 Read by Larry Wilson
Participles 10:16 Read by Theoden Humphrey
Adverbs 13:07 Read by Theoden Humphrey
Prepositions 5:26 Read by Wayne Cooke
Conjunctions 7:47 Read by Logan Lorenz
Interjections 6:02 Read by Wayne Cooke
Syntax 37:29 Read by Kristy Carpenter
Articles 10:05 Read by Kristy Carpenter
Nouns 59:59 Read by Kristy Carpenter
Pronouns 25:43 Read by Theoden Humphrey
Adjectives 21:46 Read by Theoden Humphrey
Verbs 12:19 Read by Richard Beiswanger
Infinitives 6:14 Read by Larry Wilson
Participles 3:23 Read by Larry Wilson
Adverbs 5:46 Read by Richard Beiswanger
Conjunctions 5:54 Read by Larry Wilson
Interjections 2:22 Read by Rebecca Brown
Prepositions 9:26 Read by Larry Wilson
Prosody 5:48 Read by KevinS


(4 stars)

This an amazing teaching I understand so well that like am in a classroom