Observations Upon the Apocalypse of St. John

Read by Adam Bielka

(3.5 stars; 7 reviews)

While Isaac Newton is most known today for his research in physics, during his own life he was also well-known for his religious scholarship. Engaging in intensive research on Christian history, theology, and the Bible, Newton cared deeply about understanding his faith. Among Newton's writings are those on prophecies described in the Bible. Here, he analyzes the last book of the New Testament - Revelation AKA the Apocalypse of St. John - in order to gain an understanding of the world's end times. He seems especially interested in tracking how post-Jesus Roman history compares with the events described in Revelation. Observations Upon the Apocalypse of St. John was posthumously published in 1733, as part of Newton's larger work on Bible prophecy. (Summary by Adam Bielka) (2 hr 33 min)


Introduction 29:26 Read by Adam Bielka
Apocalypse and the Book of the Law of Moses 35:09 Read by Adam Bielka
Apocalypse and the Prophecies of Daniel 1:01:38 Read by Adam Bielka
The Last Pages 27:41 Read by Adam Bielka


(1 stars)

It’s no surprise that this text has been ruined, in my perspective, by the reader, who insists on creating characters by various voices, primarily mocking the voice of God, as women mock their husbands with the stupid husband tone. The reader may not even sincerely be attempting to be mocking, and therefore not instance, please forgive me for this scathing review. I only wish that I could hear it with just one simple voice, and that being one voice of the one author and commentator, Siri Isaac Newton. It is unfortunate because most people are not even aware that Isaac Newton held the Bible in high regard and studied it, and wrote commentaries about it.

(2 stars)

the reader continues to change voices even though there is only one speaker. it is horrible. can't continue to listen. seems very good but needs a real reader!